Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist | PART 1

It’s time to DUEL!

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44 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist | PART 1

  1. To anyone who can answer this, I have Yu-Gi-Oh legacy of the dullest on switch and my friend has it on a PS4 can we play together?

  2. I thought the reason they changed it to spell cards was because of another certain Wizard of the Coast.

  3. quick question…. My sis like actions feature just like the old PS2 games. Do they show the same on the new one?

  4. Wow ngl I at least expected SOME voice over from the show but this game has like..ZERO voice acting in it???
    Already kinda sucks that the monsters arent animated like in some of the old games but I certainly expected voice acting

  5. Yugi has a rock deck because "Attack the Moon!!," The staple of this duel, Only works for rock monsters.

  6. The only thing that annoys me in this game are those God-awful, atrocious, humanity declining "STORY" decks (story my ass)
    Were they even made by a living human being that has a capability of forming a thought? I highly doubt it. Bet it was some bot that scoured wikipedia pages to see what cards were used in those particular episodes then SLAMMED in 3 copies of each of those cards, and somehow that's a deck. YEAHHH we did it!

    If you're going to do such a horrendous "job" at least make it possible for someone who DOES give a damn to edit/create their own Story Decks and replace them with those HORRID abominations that even the shadow realm would cringe at, and publish it as a mod or something – so you can at least play an enjoyable game.

    Yeah, I could for instance try and recreate those decks and use those for certain story missions, but guess what? Your opponent will still be stuck using that sorry-ass excuse of a "deck" designed by a braindead cow's asshole, and you'll just steamroll them because they drew 5 blanks at the start of the game.

    What were they thinking… there's so many passionate yugioh fans out there, both for the game and the show who would've done an amazing job fine-tuning those decks for every single scenario, and I bet would even do it for free, just for the love of the game….. but NOPE… slam in 3 curse of dragons and 3 gaia the fierce knights, and some other random BS that was used in anime, but makes no sense in the actual game since its TCG effect is different… what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

  7. Cost Down is a card Seto Kaiba used in Battle City, either against Ishizu, Joey, or Yugi during the Finals

  8. I know its been a year, but can you play this on mobile for some reason? Lol sorry for being this late just saw this now on my recommended.

  9. Me: "i'll save this card for next turn"
    Meta deck players: "oh you think you're getting another turn do you *manic laughing*"

  10. Magic was changed to spell i believe is because of magic the gathering. Their cards are called magic cards

  11. My boyfriend who I love very, very much is really into Yugioh and has a shit ton of cards so I’m trying to learn more about it 🙂

  12. I know that this is 2 years ago, but my main deck is a Gear deck and used it from the begging after I built it. The first duel I lost using that deck was against Vector in Zexel. I spent three days spending 68 hours getting cards from the GX series

  13. I can't believe this game is made for the Switch. It looks very low budget. Tag Force has a fancier looking duel background including an overworld, and that game came out more than 10 years ago.

  14. They changed magic cards to spell cards because they were going to be sued by magic the gathering, not because some moms were angry…

  15. Out of all the villans from the duel monsters area, Bakura is my definitive favorite: the campy british accent and remorseless evil just works for me.

  16. What's funny about dual academy is how badly programmed two cards are. Like graceful charity doesn't do anything but make you discard your hand. And the best card is burst stream of destruction cause it can used without having to control a blue eyes white dragon. They missed something with that cards programming but enjoy having 4 raigakis

  17. I think I am the only one never get the idea I mean I love The looks of all Cards the Drawing and The Mystery But sadly The Idea of Mystery it's mystery to get does this Card attack or Trap one or Def and I know from the Cartoon there cards Make a Stronger stuff And add More Power

  18. This brings back memories… I always said if weevil threw my exodia cards in the water at that point he'd end up in the ocean with and he wouldn't be floating… Unlike the cards

  19. Hey, pikasprey, they actually changed his name from black magician to dark magician and the name black magic attack to dark magic attack to further it away from religious ties, like black magic, if you look at alot of cards they actually have reprints from the japanese version to the English removing similar instances of religious controversies

  20. Glad I didn't buy this, Konami really doesn't make an effort with ygo video games anymore. Online simulators remove any profit that could have been made, and most players aren't interested in imagining themselves as an extra in the anime storyline.

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