Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy Of The Duelist: Link Evolution ALL Monster Summoning Animations! 1080p 60FPS


00:00 Dark Magician
00:20 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
00:35 Dark Magician Girl
00:55 Red-Eyes Black Dragon
01:10 Flame Swordsman
01:30 Relinquished
01:50 Elemental Hero Neos
02:05 Elemental Hero Thunder Giant
02:24 Arcana Force EX The Light Ruler
02:40 Stardust Dragon
03:00 Red Dragon Archfiend
03:25 Sephylon The Ultimate Timelord
03:44 Number 39 Utopia
04:10 Number 17 Leviathan Dragon
04:34 Number C39 Utopia Ray V
05:03 Number 104 Masquerade
05:30 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
05:53 Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon
06:18 Clear Wing Synchro Dragon
06:43 Starving Venom Fusion Dragon
07:10 Decode Talker

Just a quick showcase of every summoning animation in Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution on Nintendo Switch! Most of them are the same monsters as in the base game, minus Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon but with some new additions and MUCH better graphics!

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32 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy Of The Duelist: Link Evolution ALL Monster Summoning Animations! 1080p 60FPS

  1. So I summoned blue eyes the ultimate right? That was my first fusion and the achievement. But, yugi played the card where I cant attack for 3 turns, TWICE. And so when I when to attack him when another monster card, he activated a mirror card, destroying ALL my monsters on the board, including my blue eyes ultimate. I didnt even get to use him 😭😭.

  2. imagine a free to play game beating a game that costs money lol

    with Legacy Of The Duelist, I was expecting some quality summoning animations. What did I get?

    i got ps1 animations

  3. There are so many boss monsters that are missing an animation bruh, shooting Quasar or shooting star? Divine Neos, flame wingman? I could go on.

  4. What I think should be done to make this game or a future yugioh game better is with the following.
    1. Better animations
    (Like Tag Force.. best imo) Also there should be a attack animation for each card (But you can skip it if you want, also just like duel links you can turn them off completely)
    This might be a stretch but something konami should afford. Animate the scenes we watch.. or at least copy and pasting the scenes from the actual shows. And cut it to right before the duel starts.

    2. Voice acting/actors
    Because we have to duel through SIX different series… and assuming we want to pay attention to the story or not… we should hear how it transpires. Not saying we shouldn't read… but cmon at least voice act the scenes or have a narrator that talks to us.

    3. Battles online
    I know there's a meta to Yu-Gi-Oh… always has always will. So maybe after beating a series there should be different types of online battles. Literally there can be fights with a banlist…WITHOUT a banlist. 2v2s and bracktet-like tournaments. Of course the prize is whatever currency the game uses + X amount of packs from whatever series.. and whatever pack or box is chosen.

    4. Events or new characters
    This might seem like i'm ripping off duel links here… but I am Duel links is solid and one of the main reasons it's thriving is the constant events and characters released. Now in the case for the game… Use the movies! I know there's not many movies … but they can be separate free events or even a bonus mini series after you beat the respective series. (For example.. you can play the Pyramid of Light or DSOD mini series after beating the DM storyline.) And so on… and if there isn't a movie or whatever.. Make a what – if series! Some people would like to see Jaden Post GX ending… or Yuma post Zexal ending.. you see where i'm going? Make whatever up… as long as it makes sense.

    5. Learning new decks
    Another rip off of duel links… but whenever a deck or archetype is unlocked… there should be an option to play.. and learn that new deck. Give basic tips and maybe a combo or 2 so they know what the main strat of the deck is.

    6. Packs and RNG
    This…. will always be inevitable… but at least tell us what cards we get from the packs instead of having to look it up from youtube or an online website. As for the cards themselves… you should get extra currency if you get a 4th of any card from any pack. (So if you're making a blue eyes deck.. but pull a 4th or 5th blue eyes IMMEDIATELY transfer it into more currency for more packs… it'll kinda be a infinite cycle if used to the fullest extent…lol

    if you have any other ideas…feel free to add them

  5. God some of these animations look like ps2 graphics, if that! This is why I miss Duelist Of the Roses. It was weird as all hell but every monster had full animations and it had so much personality.

  6. Did they fucking take out attack animations? I been playing the game and cards that i know for a fact had attack animations in the original game just dont have them at all now. It's cool and all that they added summon animations but why the fuck would they take out attack animations? I dont even understand that it's so stupid. For every good thing these games do there's like 3 more they fuck up on why would you remove content like that? We paid $40 for REPLACEMENT of animations rather than additions to them. I just cant seem to be able to stop finding things about this game to be fucking annoyed about I'm so beyond happy that im gamesharing off someone that got it and didnt actually spend money on it. I can't even understand how people are supporting the game tbh I hardly see anyone at all talk about how this should have been a free update to anyone that has the original game. And I havent heard a word about attack animations being removed until i saw it for myself while i was playing. It's a $40 glorified free content update that actually removes content from the old game why the fuck does this even exist? And i haven't even mentioned that the countless grinding hours in the original isnt able to be carried over. There's no fucking way to justify this games existence at all let alone for the price.

  7. The Boring ass music doesn't help. Like NONE of this feels epic and I see no reason why anyone who got the last Legacy of the duelist should not only pay for this but pay for it at a higher price. Yes it probably is the best yugioh game for adhering to and learning the rules of the game. But that means shit when it makes the game look like such a bore. Go watch the intro to Duelist of theRose's, I promise you the intro alone is more epic than anything in this game. Like c'mon stop being lazy for once, every single card had a model in that game always on the field, yes there are more cards now, but I mean what else are you doing that you can't do that? Seriously what else are you even f***ing doing Konami?? shit give me something, anything that makes me want to buy this.

  8. The worst part is these animations are fucking unskippable. Everytime you monster reborn stardust dragon, shit plays.

  9. I feel so bad for the developers of this game. You can tell how low the buget was but everyone is still comparing it to duel links as if thats a fair comparison.

  10. Duel link animations are way better what a shame from Other Ocena studio. This shit looks like a ps2 game

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