Walker's Silencers & Razor Slim Electronic Ear Pro Review

Walker’s Silencers & Razor Slim Electronic Ear Pro Review
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42 thoughts on “Walker's Silencers & Razor Slim Electronic Ear Pro Review

  1. Awesome! Pretty sure your the first person I've personally ever heard mention using ear pro for/during home invasion. Got mine on the night stand, always make sure batteries are fresh.

  2. Can you use gel cups with these? I wear glasses so it seems like something that would be a nice benefit to have the cutout the gel cups provide

  3. The Silencers are now $192. That's still too steep for me. I would love to get a set but I would have to wait until it's about $100. I have a feeling I would lose at least 1 and/or they would stop working. Better value than Apple earpods or whatever they are called, though.

  4. Sootch is the correct way to wear the walkers with the control volume switch on the left ear toward back of head?

  5. Who is going to put on their earmuffs or earbuds during a home invasion scenario? Seems like added time that people can't afford.

  6. Flock of Seagulls!! "I Ran"… Love the song choice when you played music thru the buds.

  7. Reduces noise 23dB, not down TO 23dB. The newer Comm module is nice to install on these Razors. Same frequencies as the common FRS/GMRS walkie-talkies use. Many Razors are not stereo though, hard to tell which direction sound comes from. Not all have the Aux. recepticle either. Good products, just do your research to figure out what you need compared to which model you need.

  8. You forgot to mention the pieces that goes in to the ears. Sure these things have different sizes skins. But what about the things that goes in the ear?

  9. Does The Silencers Ear Buds CANCEL or SUPPRESS the gunshots? Does the nose of other sounds get canceled as shoots are fired, ie talking, engine noise, eta?

  10. Not sure I can trust the comments of a fellow who places the flag patches in "retreat" fashion on his headset. Sure, call me picky….but if you are gonna place them on there, at least do it with honor.
    "field of stars should always be in the highest position of honor"

  11. Ok at 3:15 you said they will drop anything over 89db down TO 23. Sure you didn't mean to say it will reduce by 23db??? So 89-23 = 66 and if a sound was 100db it would reduce it to 77db.

  12. When are these dumbass protective headset manufacturers going to make STEREO headsets so we can tell which direction sound & voice is coming from!>!>?!?! 🙄
    One big advantage of using separate in-ear type protection.

  13. Sootch love is still here for you brother, but i noticed that ol' Glory was backwards on your muffs. Just sayin'. Either way great review otherwise though 🍻👍 love my Walkers!!!

  14. I looked all over and can’t find them for $39.00 any where, please put a link where you found them for that price. Thank You.

  15. Dear author, you have a lock hinge that looks stronger than a lock bracket. Not the lock is broken, but the bracket. They threw money at the castle. Sorry.

  16. Please switch your Stars and Stripes flags on the patriot razors. Stars should always be positioned to the front

  17. Just found out Walker's makes boom-mic frs radios that attach to the razor models…guess they are voice activated or push-to-talk…they intrigue me and would love to see a sootch review if you can get your hands on a set to test…

  18. I have some hearing loss and tinnitus due to a medical condition. I currently use the Howard Leight to hunt with and they help me hear thing I can’t without them. I’m really interested in going to a in ear alternative. I bought the Grizzly Ears but returned them due to the amplification not being that great. Would you say the walkers Bluetooth ear buds do as good of a job as the muffs?

  19. I have tried 3 different Walker Razors and none of them cut out when I fire. Instead it just plays a loud BANG into my ear. So loud that I turn them off and lose the whole benefit of electronic hearing protection. Is this how they're supposed to be or have I just been unlucky 3 times in a row?

  20. So.. What I'm assuming these do; they protect ears from the actual sounds while having an audio based input which outputs similar to an active recording? Cause gunshots, suppressed or not don't "translate" equally in a video with audio. Suppressed shots at times sound louder than an unsuppressed one. I'd like clarification on this, seems interesting.

  21. Great informative video! I have the Walker Razor Slim Electronic Ears. I love them they work great the cost is great and I recommend them to everyone I know.

  22. I wish the sound amplification was better for hunting on the Razor's. The Howard leight's are better in the Amplification department. That said I have 4 pairs of the Razor's for my family. I work around loud industrial equipment and I wear Howard leight's ear plugs 33 nrr!

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