Walker's Razor VS Howard Leight Impact Sport / Best Electronic Hearing Protection

Are you looking for the best electronic ear-pro (ear protection) for shooting?
The Walker Razors and Howard Leight Impact Sports are the 2 most popular earmuffs on the market! In this video, we will do an in-depth review and comparison, then tell you which we think is the best!
Watch this Noisefighter Gel Ear Pad Review:

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28 thoughts on “Walker's Razor VS Howard Leight Impact Sport / Best Electronic Hearing Protection

  1. I went with Sordin Supreme Pro X with the Gel ear pads. Expensive yes, but the build quality is outstanding. The extra money you spend on the Sordin Supreme Pro X is for quality of build, they are very solid felling in your hand and ultra comfortable on your head.

  2. Thanks for this review. I made the mistake of using a pair of cheap earmuffs for my very first gun range and may have done permanent damage to my hearing. I will buy the walker razor. Thanks again.

  3. The first clear explanation for me of the electronic ear protection. Thanks. A new shooter. Just ordered the Walkers. Now, what about eye protection???

  4. For tactical reasons I was hoping that one of these two muffs would have stereo mics, any recommendations?

  5. When it is possible, try to compare the Walkers Razor and the Peltor Rangeguard. I liked your video. Thanks.

  6. Are the batteries used specifically for the auxiliary cable or are they needed for the noise reduction?

  7. Great review, I subbed and liked! I'm just getting back into shooting and this vid helped me decide which ear-pro to buy, thanks!

  8. Sticky plastic: improperly cured, manufacturing defect that leaves uncured plasticizers (i.e. PVC) leaching out. Contact the maker and ask for replacement. Or, wipe them down with acetone or other high end solvents to clean it off.

  9. My choice is the opposite. I've used the HLs for several years and they were getting a bit worn out like yours. After reading a few reviews of the Walkers I bought a pair. While shooting outside with any wind they were so noisy I wound up turning them off. The same thing happened while at an indoor range and due to the fan noise, I eventually turned them off again. I brought the HLs to that range for an AB comparison and wound up getting a new pair of the HLs. I offered the Walkers to one of my sons and after trying them he gave them back. 
    Who knows, maybe I got a factory defect from Walker.

  10. Those are decent, but I suggest looking at Peltor ComTac's. They arent cheap but you'll never use anything else.

  11. I know exactly what you are saying. I swear I can hear the rifle crack for a nano second before my HL muffs deaden the sound. I thought that was normal. I just ordered a pair of the Walkers Patriot.

  12. My Howard Leights died last month after 5+ years of use, possibly due to an old battery corroding the terminal. Don't be dumb and take the batteries out!

  13. Where is that follow-up video with the two way communication set up ? Thanks for this video. Just what I needed. Well done !

  14. Which one has less static noise? Why didn't he address that they all provide some static feedback. I am curious which one has less static.

  15. I have both too ,but I think the Howard leight's amplification of noise for hunting is better( at least my 6 yr old ones). I wear the Walker's much more often.

  16. I have both I am using the Walkers more now. My Howard Leight’s I bought the aftermarket gel ear pads which makes my head sweat. Didn’t notice a sound difference. I also use foam plugs especially at an indoor range.

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