Walker's Razor Slim Shooter Electronic Muffs Review

Full review of the Walker’s Razor Slim Shooter Electronic Hearing Protection earmuffs. Great affordable option for those just getting into electronic hearing protection for the range…links below…

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30 thoughts on “Walker's Razor Slim Shooter Electronic Muffs Review

  1. These suck. I've had two pairs one didnt work out of the box and the other stopped working 3 months later.. it was good while it worked..

  2. I just got my Walker's Razor muff's today and your video sure helped. I just now put the batteries in and these work better than the expensive hearing aids that I used to wear. Now, where are they hiding that pesky little serial number so I can fill out the warranty card? Thank's again for your handy video. 👍😀👍

  3. So would these drone out air tools like air hammers,grinders,etc and loud noises while still being able to hear someone talk to me without having to take them off every time?

  4. For someone to listen to music, does an Aux cord have to get plugged into that port you opened up or what type of cable? Thinking of maybe getting these for my dad or anyone’s use for when they cut the grass.

  5. I have both electronic and non electronic versions. While on the outdoor range with my AR15, I noticed that the electronic version does not do a good job when someone is shooting a 30-06 in the next lane. The noise is loud enough to cause pain and ringing in my ears. My non electronic Razor does a better job in this case. However, on the pistol range the electronic razor works well in quieting pistol shots while allowing spoken words from the rangemaster and other people to come through clearly.

  6. No good for indoor range ! My ears rang for hours after shooting 9mm . Crap.Didn not notice outside on 556. Big Hype post poor.

  7. I purchased these and headed out to the indoor range. The guy next to me was shooting his Rifle and the muffs barely helped at all with the noise. My right ear is screwed up rn.

  8. I just picked up a pair of Walker Razor's as a back up for going to the range with friends. You can never have too much ear pro. My primary ear pro are 3M Peltor's. I have to say the sound quality is far better from the Peltor's. That being said I was able to pick up the Walker's on Amazon for around $40. They go for around $60 at the local sports stores. For the money the are very nice.

  9. When you turn yours on is there a white noise type of sound or is it completely quiet besides the sounds going on around you?

  10. I'm confused about how this works. Won't the gunshots sound be amplified to your ears because of the microphone?

  11. Any idea when you’re going to do the video on the counterfeit HL’s you got from amazon? I bought mine from them also and would like to know what to look for to know if mine are real or counterfeit.

  12. This ear protection is so great! Get it now on Amazon for a special price now! Get it here https://amzn.to/2oLMTpa

  13. Do you hear static in your own voice while wearing these? I have seen some reviews on the Howard Leight electronic ear pro that have a static issue

  14. I've got the 3M Peltor Tactical 100 earpro, a little more expensive but similar performance and maybe not a comfortable, squeezes my head a little to much.

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