Walker's Game Ear Razor – Electronic Ear Protection Review

Check out the Walker’s Game Ear, Razor review. Is a great electronic hearing protection device. I can amplify sounds and block out loud harmful noise that can damage your hearing. Start early and prevent hearing loss with these electronic ear muffs.

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13 thoughts on “Walker's Game Ear Razor – Electronic Ear Protection Review

  1. Awesome review of the Walker's Game Ear Razor Eectronic Ear protection. Like 19. Watched fully. New here #974

  2. How do they feel with your glasses under them? I've got a pair of Howard Leights and even with the Noisefighters pads they get to be uncomfortable after a while…

    Btw, I got a beanie coming!

  3. I wear these to group shoots all the time. The only gun that they hate is the CMMG Mutant 7.62×39 full auto. The electronics give up after about half a second.

  4. I love them for pistols but, they don't work good for me with rifle or shotgun. I guess my head is to little. It bothers my cheek weld. For some folks that is not an issue.

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