Undertale ( Pacifist + Frisk + Easter Eggs ) Part 1

Yellow guys, and welcome back to Undertale….

So last time on the Genocide Route you guys seemed to really enjoyed it, so i decided to make the Pacifist route and finally see why not alot of people uses the name Frisk on this game.

The reason why it took a long time for this video to finally be uploaded is because my school is going to have a big exam and im getting ready for it and I just don’t have alot of time to make vids so im going to make as much vds as i can when i can.

But anyways guys…
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And I will see you guys later……

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30 thoughts on “Undertale ( Pacifist + Frisk + Easter Eggs ) Part 1

  1. Choosing this name in undedtale is like turning your difficulty to hardcore

    Also when i started this game i tried naming myself frisk but i changed my mind but you know


  2. I just got this game today and named my character frisk died so many times I wanted to chuck my Nintendo switch out the window

  3. When you name your character Frisk, the game will change into Hard Mode and you have to reset after Toriel battle (because it's Hard Mode demo) [everyone know this right?]

  4. i figured out the hard mode thing with the name frisk without looking it up i was just trying it out but i beat it soooo "yay"

  5. wait, the ruins monsters turn into boss monster-ish things and you cant open the item menu and cant eat anything…
    is it because of you named them frisk? what the-

  6. I named myself frisk on purpose for my first playthrough knowing about the game. I decided pacifist, and so I named my character Frisk. I had no idea that made it hard mode!!! F my life is now a living hell

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