TV Stand or Media Console! How To Make A DIY Entertainment Center

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Things I Used in This Project:
ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection:
Armor Tool Workbench:
Triton Track Saw:
RZ Mask:
Palm ROS:
Right Angle Clamp It Jigs:
Titebond Original:
Edge Banding:
Super Jaws:
Armor Tool Pocket Hole Jig:
Cabinet Hinges:
Titebond Thick and Quick:
Brad Nailer:


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33 thoughts on “TV Stand or Media Console! How To Make A DIY Entertainment Center

  1. You're awesome girl. I wish I had the gun ho attitude that you have. Also you are so humble and willing to take suggestions. Keep up the good work and making the awesome video. You give me and my wife so many ideas. TY.

  2. Soon as i saw the size of the garage and all the tools she had, i said “nope, this project aint for me.”

  3. Another option for your cabinet would be to float it above the carpet by about 6”. Could be 😎

  4. The entertainment center is esthetically pleasing! Something tall on top of the white storage cabinets would really set it off.
    Wondering how the cable connections can be "out of sight , out of mind"? How about housing them in a flat box painted the same colour as the wall… down behind the left side, behind the white cube, and into the the electronics.

  5. hi. good work. by now you may have realized that when used
    with a wall-mounted tv, the depth is excessive. cheers

  6. Hi April

    Here's as a tip from a diyer from Holland , I do this on all preglued edging tape.
    see you use the chisel to take of the extra veneer from the preglued tape, just make a start like you do and then
    turn the chisel flat on the panel and the use of the chisel to cut the veneer, holding it at a little angle and force it gently down.
    when at the end of the chisel length raise it again and restart. Hope you catch my drift.

  7. Nice job April. I couldn't help myself and subscribed. haha I have 20 years in home remodeling and improvement. Also got my son who is studying carpentry in Vo-Tech high school to check out your vids. He subbed as well. 😉

  8. You should always put your screws at least two inches from the corners. Having them right on the corners comprises the structural integrity.

  9. the only comment I have is you have this great dust collector but no vacuum tube hooked to your track saw? Wow a lot of dust out in the shop.

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