Troy Dye | Minnesota Vikings | Linebacker| Oregon | 2020 NFL Draft Profile

Troy Dye is a 6-4 226lb Linebacker from the Oregon Ducks. Career Stats Include:

391 Tackles
41.5 Tackles For Loss
13.0 Career Sacks
5 Interceptions
4 Forced Fumbles

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Full Stats:

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36 thoughts on “Troy Dye | Minnesota Vikings | Linebacker| Oregon | 2020 NFL Draft Profile

  1. Another steal by the Vikings. Ezra Cleveland and Justin Jefferson were steals too. Just to name a few….

  2. I think he has potential to play SS or would be nice in a big nickel formation. Idk about ILB, he’s only 220.

  3. Reminds me of ABarr when he came out of UCLA! Not as nearly productive and doesn’t have his Pass rush ability, but this guy is raw! Put sum muscle on him and he’d B a solid OLB

  4. So underrated in my board he is not fast or slow he can come up and make a play happen all around player can play pass rush can stay at zone and make something happen he is gone by the end of the 2nd or start of the 3rd rounder can develop into a star with a great mentor in the NFL in my opinion

  5. Hoping Philly gets him and Jordyn Brooks in the 4th. 1 great run stuffing LB, 1 that's good but has hands to grab interceptions would seem like a formidable yin yang duo.

  6. As ducks fan and chiefs fan i hope he ends up in KC.. he had great four at Oregon. he"s definitely underrated

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