Top 10 Best VAMPIRE/ROMANCE Anime 2017

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46 thoughts on “Top 10 Best VAMPIRE/ROMANCE Anime 2017

  1. I love every anime related to Vampires😍Diabolik lovers❤️Vampire knights🥺Devils line💔are my favourite 😌Diabolik lovers Season3 will be coming i guess🧐so cause the ending is incomplete!! There will be a fight between werewolves and vampires!!! 🥺Vampire knights ending 😕urghhhh!!! Imma waiting for Season3 🙋🏻‍♀️till now🙂(although its been a decade🙂💔). & devils line😩ik season 2 will not be there😔but still💔🙂

  2. Can anyone suggest me any of these or other vampire romance movie or serise which are available in yourtube please

  3. I recommend people to watch diabolik lovers🥰it’s about this girl who has to live with these vampire brothers,and every time they always drink off her,I ship Ayato and yui because they have more of a stronger relationship than the others and Ayato was about to kiss yui untill two of the brothers intrupted them!what I was a mad about🤬But…you should really watch diabolik lovers,it’s the best!

  4. in my personalopinion owary no seraph isn't a romance anime,in manga we can see more romance but still not romance anime

  5. Blood+
    Blood C
    Seraph of the End
    Hellsing series
    Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series
    Strike the Blood
    Rosario + Vampire
    Trinity Blood
    Vampire Knight

  6. i love vampire knight Zero and Yuki..but its kinda disappointing…Zero left alone😭😭😭🥺and no next its kinda clifhanger

  7. Owari no seraph is a freaking good anime and I recommend everyone to watch it…. but…

    IT'S NOT ROMANCE! yeah, there's fraternal love, and probably your gonna fall into temptation of shipping some characters but nothing more!

  8. Vampire knight was my first anime! Here are 3 anime’s to watch if you love vampires that are AMAZING!!
    1. Vampire Knight
    2. Seraph of The End
    3. Diabolik Lovers

  9. There's no person watching anime vampire series/movies who hasn't seen The Vampire Knight! I have my favorite anime ❤️ I know I'll write it in 2020 but better late than never 😂

  10. I love Vampire knight!! Boys are all really handsome. Just a good anime 🙂 LOL I also recommende Diabolik Lovers. ( but not as good as Vampire Knight)

  11. I miss when vampire anime’s used to be the big hit and everyone had a different version or back story of how it now all I see is annoying ass harems about a magical dude who has no redeeming quality so if any up coming writers are writing pls don’t make more harems there ass and boring asf.

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