Star Wars Scene Maker app for iPad and iPhone

Imagine standing in the shoes of George Lucas or JJ Abrams, then remaking iconic Star Wars scenes through the power of an app. Imagine, then make Star Wars your own.

**Star Wars Scene Maker was selected for the App Store Best of 2014 and for the “Best Creative Fun Award” at the 2014 Tillywig Toy & Media Awards: “an extravaganza of fun”**

Create your own Star Wars scenes! First, choose your setting, then add your favorite characters and weapons! You control all the action, add the dialogue, and choose the music! When you’re ready, record and share your Star Wars masterpiece with friends!


• Includes six (6) Star Wars Worlds to choose from: Death Star Attack, Endor, Cloud City Duel, Theed Generator Duel, Geonosis Asteroid Battle, and the Battle of Kashyyyk!
• Create your own Star Wars scenes and bring them to life with imaginative interactivity and open-ended play!
• Start exploring the possibilities right away with one free scene pack!
• Select from 3D models of all of your favorite Star Wars characters, weapons, and ships.
• Use dialogue straight from the Star Wars films, or put words into any character’s mouth by recording your voice and applying a Darth Vader, Rebel Pilot, or Stormtrooper filter!
• Use up to three cameras to track the action and record your scene from multiple angles!
• Choose a musical score from the Star Wars films, write your own iconic Star Wars “Title Crawl” and end credits, and share your finished scene with friends!

Welcome to a galaxy of possibilities! Download the app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch:


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  1. until you see these comments I will keep trying to get you to recognize this game I want to go play it again so bad

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