Spider-Man Move Set | Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game

Learn how to play with and against Spider-Man in the Marvel Crisis Protocol miniatures game! We demonstrate every attack and superpower on his card, and clearly show what it looks like during a game.

Strike – 5:50
Impact Webbing – 7:52
Taser Webs – 10:28
Web Line – 13:35
Web-A-Pult – 15:08
Spider-Sense – 18:09
Wall Crawler – 18:52

These videos stemmed from a desire to quickly overcome the overwhelming feeling of jumping into a miniatures game, as you need to understand what every model can do before competency can be established. Learn Spider-Man’s move set and kickstart the learning process!

Note: The mat used is not an official Crisis Protocol product and smaller than the standard 3×3 mat.

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