Should you swap Xbox 360 Cases?

There are many different types of Xbox 360 game case and sometimes we have to swap broken cases. Would you swap out a broken Xbox 360 case and still consider a game original or complete? In this video we talk about different Xbox 360 dvd cases and see if we would swap a case for another

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Title: Should you swap Xbox 360 Cases?

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15 thoughts on “Should you swap Xbox 360 Cases?

  1. I buy brand new replacement cases from Amazon and swap out all the grubby cases from games I've bought at CEX 😐

  2. Thanks for including my comment and bringing up the Wolfenstein case! There are also other cases! The max Payne 3 case is 2 disc but it's one with a flap in the middle for one disc and then theres a Assains creed multi pack case with 4 discs and the 4 discs each have a separate holder, 2 on each side!!! We've only scratched the surface!!! 🤣🤣

  3. Great vid! I recently bought a stack of (3rd party I assume) cases on Amazon (Think they work out about £1 each) Generally speaking if I buy game with a case that's torn, split, broken or so grubby it can't be saved, I'll swap them out. I too was caught out by EA! I compare it to vinyl records, if I buy a used record and the inner sleeve is unlined or grubby/dusty I'll always swap it for quality lined one. For me it's about keeping a collection protected.

    I think what annoys me more is finding platinum hits disks inside regular release cases and vice versa (I'm looking at you CEX!)

    Anyway – your channel is great, Harry. Really pleased I found it.

  4. Ugh I totally missed this poll when I was talking about it on the discord. I guess my concern is for the collection value but I guess since I’m not really selling my collection I shouldn’t worry about the case itself as long as I have the artwork, disc, and manual.

  5. Good to see Gurnaldhino here, I love his videos! Cool video as always, and I feel a little annoyed as you may have opened up a deep rabbit hole for me 😂

  6. I don't care. It could be black/Transparent or an original xbox 360 case. If the case is in good condition ill use it.
    I do prefer original xbox 360 cases if i have the option.

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