Schoolboys Play Hilarious Game With Plate And Flour

Amusing footage shows schoolboys playing an ‘ice breaker’ game by passing a plate fall of flour over their head to the person behind them.

The youngsters, all boy scouts, were on the first day of a summer camp in Nong Khai, north eastern Thailand, last Friday (March 6) morning.

Their teacher thought of a game to help them settle in while they were away from home and recorded the hilarious consequences.

Footage shows how the lads all sat down in a line while blindfolded. The boy at the front had a plastic plate full of white flour which he had to pass over his head and tip onto the plate being held aloft by the person behind.

The process was supposed to see the ingredients returned to the eighth boy at the back but by the time it reached him, it had already been spilled over his classmates’ heads.
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