ROBLOX GUEST STORY – The Spectre (Alan Walker)

This is a roblox music video about guests being removed. It demonstrates how lots of people simply ignored guests, making him semi-invisible to those around him. It was only when roblox started getting rid of guests did people feel a sense of emotional loss, as many of us began playing roblox through guest accounts. The spark that ignited many people’s love for the game couldn’t be forgotten.


“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

Here’s a full breakdown of the storyline since it can be a bit confusing:
The beginning scene with the scientists and cryogenic chambers is the start of roblox’s collection of the guests, it shows them being placed in a lab for preservation.The following scene in which the guest is running towards the portal is meant to show the surrounding people ignoring him, he runs towards the portal to escape to a different location in hopes of change. Once he hears music coming from the stadium, he enters to the sight of a bunch of people dancing, but he can’t help but just be a bystander to the performance. Once the stadium has cleared, he walks alone through the field and imagines the glory of being able to perform, only to be immediately shut down by the stadium lights. He then visits the lab to the horrific sight of his people being held captive. The guest then worriedly runs towards the guest statue (their beacon in the middle of the forest) to grasp onto any remaining recognition of their kind. The statue shatters just as roblox announces removal of the guests, which also shuts down the portal and makes guests start to fade away. People start to feel sad because they never paid attention to the guests, they wish to interact with them before they’re gone. Regretful of his stationary lifestyle, the guest runs back towards the stadium before he’s removed in order to fulfill his dream of performing. The others accept him for who he is and dance with him, letting him finally become visible. The other’s eventually fade into guests themselves to symbolize how they started roblox as guests just like him.



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  2. Me at 2016: this guest is so annoying
    Me after watch this: 😢😭
    Me: why i say the guest is annoying 😭😢
    Me whatching at 2:09: i am heart attack
    Me: I WANT THEM BACK!!! 😭😭😭😢😢😢

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