RetroN 5 Review ★ 9-in-1 Retro Gaming Console

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40 thoughts on “RetroN 5 Review ★ 9-in-1 Retro Gaming Console

  1. The controller is total garbage but after I paired my 8bitdo controllers it's one of my favorite systems now.

  2. Well it's actually 11 in 1 you can play Sega Master System games on the Retron 5 with the Sega Power Base Converter for the Genesis/Mega Drive and you can play Game Gear games with a adapter.

  3. This thing should have built in memory for loading roms, ability to record a cartridge and save it as a playable rom, OR just use this thing with special Rom loading NMES SNES or gameboy SD card cartridge adapters that let you load any game you want….

    Like a mame box but much smaller, there is a huge market for cheap gaming consoles with a bunch of old retro games preloaded…I think there would be a huge market for a small n64 with hdmi that had every n64 game preloaded…

  4. This is funny. Every idea I get is already done. I didn't know about this product, I simply searched "console that plays all games" and here I am. lol

  5. it have a internal recorder like a ps4 to record gameplays? (PS: I'am not american…my english…'-')

  6. you dont need an adapter to play mega drive games; you need it for the sega master system games. also it doesn't have an av out. only hdmi out.

  7. Superb review. I think it should be able to play ROMs though. It can be a pain in the arse to get old cardridges.
    They should put out a RetroN 5R.

  8. Fantastic review! Sounds like a very practical console. Looks fairly high quality, too! I wouldn't want one though, since I don't have any old games or controllers… but I love the idea.

  9. Hey weasel nice review and I love your outro but now the big question will you play some games and record it ?

  10. Three people already wrote stupid comment about their postion on this vidio.
    You could have wrote your personal opinion on the product but no you needed type: first (second or third)

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