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When rental stores die, where do they go? Probably to the same place as THE PERSON WHO NEGLECTED TO TELL ME I HAD AN INSANE HAIR STICKING OUT OF MY HEAD THIS ENTIRE VIDEO

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[Los Angeles Times] Redbox’s copyright fight with Disney over digital movie sales escalates a long-running feud
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38 thoughts on “Redbox Ending Game Rentals, is it Dying? – Inside Gaming Daily

  1. Do these people actually rent new releases, definitely not experts? I MISS THIS! It is the only place where you can rent new releases by knowing the exact supply. Perhaps is some sort of oligopoly crime that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are disrupting supply by not letting us rent on demand. All their game passes are packed with a bunch of old games. They just want us to buy then try too bad if you dislike it. Plus is hard to resell digital. Hillarious paying $59.99 plus tax. GameFly, you have to wait in their ambiguous queue and is really unsure when you will get it since it is not numerical but general category like low availability and etc.

  2. I just found this out now. I’m bummed out because redbox had some decent deals on buying games and it was the only place I could rent games

  3. Brian, dont leave us!!! I can't keep up with all these young hosts who have too many memes I don't understand.

  4. I know I'm late but my local McDonalds still has an old gamecube and ps2 they dont event to repair. But they have giant table tablets to play games on now so idk…

  5. I can rent video games from my Library. Check out your Local Library! If they don't have it see if you can get it on Loan from another Library.

  6. Here's the thing I don't ever use Redbox but for the video games and I'm sure I'm not the only one I mean I watch movies on it are used to but now I don't see a point they're still Family Videos out there if they really wanted to keep customers they would have never made this choice

  7. Hey everyone,
    The main reason Redbox is getting out of the video game rental industry has to do more with fraud; where individuals would purchase pre paid debit cards open up redbox accounts rent a $60 game and never return it.

  8. I've always disliked the way video game rentals were handled by video stores. They were always treated like an afterthought. The game sections were often poorly managed. One may need to rent a game multiple times, but they were always more expensive than movies you typically only watched once. Selection was bad. Functionality was hit-and-miss.

    I identified these issues waaay early (Super Nintendo/Playstation 1 era) and drew up plans for a games-rental store. No more would gamers be relegated to the badly lit corner of the store. No more would lackluster buying power force players to pick from second-rate games and deal with waiting lists for the one copy of Madden the video rental store managed to squeeze out of the budget.

    I researched the viability of bulk-purchasing deals on the primitive inter-net to keep rental prices lower than anyone else could offer. I consulted law books on legal policies regarding renting to minors and worked out the financial logistics of pricing, advertising and security. I even found a sweet commercial-zoned location within walking distance of a high school (across the street, in fact). And maybe, just maybe I'd have a small VHS section in the back for the parents to hang out in.

    Heck, if it weren't just a thought experiment, I wonder if I could have built an entire franchise considering just how mainstream gaming has become in the intervening years. But, alas. the days of physical rentals being anywhere near viable as a business plan are long gone.

  9. Netflix killed Blockbuster, Autumn. They mailed DVDs long before Redbox came around or Netflix streamed.

  10. I haven't had a DVD drive in any of my computers in years. If I want to watch an old DVD movie I play them in my Xbox S. It's the only time I turn the thing on.

  11. what happened to all the old cast? this has been the first video with these kids i watched in a long time.

  12. People: No one will buy a purely digital console!
    Consumer studies: Digital Sales contribute to decrase in physical sales!

  13. Sucks was my last option to rent games other than getting a pre own games and return them within 7 days to get my cash back.

  14. I got Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from a redbox on Wednesday for $25 and the disc had no scratches. 😁👍

  15. This is when everyone walks into a gamestop and looks around and then when someone asks if you need help, ask for directions to somewhere.

  16. I thought Redbox had the same fate as Blockbuster… Haven’t seen one in a long ass time that’s for sure!

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