r/Entitledparents She Told Her Kids to PEE In My Pool!

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r/Entitledparents In this bizarre story, an entitled mother from the neighborhood breaks into OP’s backyard so that she and her kids can use their pool. When OP confronts them, the entitled mother argues with OP and then tells her kids to do the unthinkable! They actually contaminate OP’s pool right on the spot! Get ready for a wild entitled parents episode with some of the craziest entitled mommies imaginable!

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40 thoughts on “r/Entitledparents She Told Her Kids to PEE In My Pool!

  1. What would you do if an entitled parent broke into your backyard, used your pool, and then told her kids to pee in your pool?

  2. Am late so sorry but if it was me I would have pushed the kids in to the pool if I saw them peeing

  3. WHO THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?!? – "uh heck I don't fucking know I'm going through a name/gender crisis (I actually am) I've gone through name's like lazy people go through shows, here tell me which do you like: Quintin, Quintina Bella Ashley Alyssa Scarlett Q and back to Quintin?"

  4. I have a trampoline and had incident similar to the break in. We set up cameras and if I get a video of something like this, I’ll send it to ya!

  5. Entitled children when they see my dog: LOOK AT THE PUPPY I WANT IT I WANT IT
    Karen: Give my son your dog, and my daughter one of your cats.
    My cats: run the fuck away
    Kakao: hiding behind me, as she's still pretty young
    Me: I have deemed your son and sin unforgivable. Your sentence is death.

  6. So they think peeing in the pools going to do anything pools have chlorine in them is that's going to kill the bacteria

  7. I have depression and anxiety too but I would have responded with "I NEED these pills! They are very important and I have to take them or the voices in my head will come back and convince me to kill you two while you're sleeping 😈."

  8. If anyone is asking that mother of four was arrested for drug possession, burning and damaging property. And her children were taken by child protective service.

  9. We all love r/ because he will pay. His money to get us videos to laugh at and he doesn’t use a dumb computer voice that fails

  10. If I had 2 kids and mom in my backyard if the kids in my pool I will tell the police to arrest the kids to

  11. FUN FACT:
    The smell of an indoor pool is actually the pee reacting with the chlorine.

    So if someone says you smell like a pool, they are essentially saying you smell like pee.
    And the entitled mother who ordered her kids to pee in the pool is helping with the smell!

  12. I don't have a pool but if I did I would put up a sign warning of the dangers of DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE .
    These people all sound dumb enough to be frightened off by it. 🤣😂

  13. Yeah, second story, I would have given the 18-month old a toy, too, a chew toy. Put it right in his mouth!

  14. General information: IF your pool smells strongly of chlorine it means IT'S BEEN URINATED IN. Pool chlorine chemicals DON'T SMELL OF CHLORINE!

  15. We have both a big trampoline and a pool a (big one in the ground with deep watter on one end) . But sadly nothing happend yet. I mean we had some dead frogs and mouses in the pool but I don't think that really counts.

  16. I have a German Shepherd, a breed known for their intelligence, trainability and energy. Now imagine that energy, times it by 12, put it on crack then give it an energy drink. That's a Belgian Malinois

  17. In the first story CPS would be VERY interested in the way she raised her demon children.

  18. I'm like 99% sure when I was young an entideled parent told me to play with her kid and I just straight-up told her no and I was like four

  19. I can't watch anymore of these vids because I'm filling with rage and will kill someone if I watch 2 more seconds of an innocent person dealing with a jerk. Sorry for not giving u watch time.

  20. Why is hell a bad word? It’s the name of a place… ( it’s we’re demonetization comes from- wait demon, demonetize- )

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