People Face A Terrifying Moral Dilemma

“Then I’m a murderer. Right?”

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46 thoughts on “People Face A Terrifying Moral Dilemma

  1. I would flip so it goes to the other track and then flip it again so it attempts to switch and falls and hits no one.

  2. scenario number four: same as number three, except that the five people and your relative switch locations, so you kill your relative by NOT flipping the switch, and if you do, you kill five strangers.

  3. I would probably shout as loud as possible to the 1 person and then pull the lever OR pull the lever and push the 1 person off the tracks .

  4. could you possibly off balance the trolley by a sudden switch? I acknowledge that it would be impossible to switch if the train is right on top of the moveable train path because of the weight, but if timed correctly the switch turned just as the train wheel is on it?

  5. in all the answers i'd just try to push the lever. and as the trolley went halfway i'll push it back in hope that it would trip and get the trolley off the road. killing nobody

    if it does. i'll have the defense of "i tried".

  6. I have an Hypothetical Situation for anyone who might be Interested!,Lets Presume You are Dying/Dead & the Grim Reaper Offers You Half an Hour to Kill someone to Replace You & Let You continue with Your Life,What would You choose to do?,I think I would have to Choose another Chance at Life even if it Meant Prison, so I would probably find the easiest Person to Kill (A Child or Pensioner), In a perfect world it would be a Terminally ill person I suppose.

  7. Surely the Natural Response is to make the Decision based on Personal Bias!,I would without Hesitation Save Someone Special to Me over Strangers!, there is no time to Mull it over under these Conditions, You have not been the cause of the Deaths but only in a Position to save Someone.

  8. Whatever you choose is not murder. Someone is getting killed either way. In court, you very likely would be absolved

  9. i mean, if your just standing on the railroad tracks and not paying attention its natural selection at that point

  10. Am I the only one thinking that those people in the track can hear or feel the vibration of thr ground, right?.

  11. This really wasn't a difficult decision.

    1: Kill the idiots on the track
    2: Kill thoes idiots who STILL HAVENT MOVED OFF THE GOD DAMN TRACK!
    3: Kill myself due to the disappointment that I'm related to one of those idiots

  12. If my love one(s) is in the other side of track i will not switch the lever, simple as that, why? CAUSE THEY WERENT PAYING ATTENTION, not my fault they were doomed, unless i can just warn them, but its obvious thats not possible if you want to make it a harder decision.

  13. Scenario 4: your love one is on the track that the train is going to pass, there’re 5 people on another track, would you kill the 5 people to save your love one?
    Scenario 5: just like scenario 4 but there is 5 of your love ones(probably your whole family) on the same track, would you kill the 5 random people to save your love ones?

  14. I would kill the one person, even if it was my immediate family. The only person in my immediate family that I actually like is my dad. But even then, I would let him die to save five other people. If the person on the track was one of my friends, I would kill the other five people, though. I was able to choose my friends because they are people I truly love, not some weird family members that I was forced to live with and care for. So no matter what, I would choose to save my friends. I don't care what the cost was. I just love my friends and could never live with myself switching over the track. I am very picky, so if you become my friend, which is a very hard thing to do, I would always save your life. I don't care if it would kill myself or someone else. I would save your life.

  15. in scenario 2 with another person on another track, id go with the upper track 'cause i'd kill less people
    Scenario 3: im not a complete psycho, kill those 5 people for my beloved family member

  16. i was actually going to watch this video but i got completely distracted when i realized the narrator was shane and i spent the rest of the video trying to figure out if it was actually him

  17. the real problem isn’t supposed to be one of your family members it’s supposed to be pushing someone off a bridge to save the five people

  18. Is there any video about which is more important? Patriotism or humanitarianism? Because you can be only as much humanitarian as much patriotism will permit you. In our culture, there is a satisfying answer to this in the mythological epic 'Geeta', but there God shows the confused warrior the bigger picture, and tells him to do his duty and leave the rest to God's judgement alone, but there too, the warrior was not in a situation where he has to kill someone who loves him, is innocent and doesn't want to fight back.. He was against soldiers, which should be easier to handle emotionally than the above mentioned situation. But in modern day, spies find themselves in such situations.

  19. For those who say they'll be murderers if they knock the person or persons on the track. Firstly with murder from a legal standpoint you need to prove the element of intention. In this case the driver did not intend killing anyone, it was just a matter of avoiding hitting anyone. From my perspective no one should be on the rail tracks for whatever reason. Therefore we will never be faced with such a dilemma.

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