North Carolina vs Auburn: Sweet 16 NCAA tournament extended highlights

Down goes No. 1! Auburn knocks off North Carolina to advance to the Elite 8. Watch the Tigers victory in 12 minutes.

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20 thoughts on “North Carolina vs Auburn: Sweet 16 NCAA tournament extended highlights

  1. Auburn had One of the more magical runs in the tournament in a while. Got hosed vs VA. Double Dribble for sure. Prob woulf have won the natty.

  2. "I don't know anything about North Carolina but North Carolina's in trouble"

    – Probably Charles Barkley.

  3. I'm not an Auburn fan but I enjoyed their game so much, i started rooting for them along with my maize and blue

  4. I've been watching March Madness games as the 2019 draft just concluded. Imma Magic fan so I'm watching Okeke. Watching UNC, you would think that May was the first round pick.

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