Magical Mermaid Birth in Water | Sims 4

Barbie’s magical mermaid birth in the water. Currently babies cannot be mermaids, but you can age up the baby to a child, then use CAS edit to give it a mermaid tail. =)
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Thanks to all the wonderful cc creators.

Mermaid mod by Nyx:

Beautiful Mermaid tail designs by Merman Simmer:

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23 thoughts on “Magical Mermaid Birth in Water | Sims 4

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  2. Mermaids don't have their baby's come out from the stomach in fact their baby comes out from their belly button as an egg the female and male mermaids and merman come near the egg then the egg hatches turning into a mermaid/merman at first the baby merperson is like larvae it has to adapt to the water before it fully grows a tail and becomes a mermaid

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