Lego Arcade Games!

Sorry I haven’t posted a new Lego video in a while, guys. This is just a compilation of all of the lego arcade games I’ve done in the past. I wanted to make this video just to say that I haven’t forgotten about you guys and that I’ll try to post some more original videos soon!
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22 thoughts on “Lego Arcade Games!

  1. Pinky: (eating pellets) pac-man: PINKY!!!!!! what are you doing!?!?! Pinky: I just want to know what they tasted like.. pac-man: I DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 0:33


    Clyde: hm… i wonder what these pellets taste like…

    Also Clyde: *nom*

    Clyde again: ok this stuff is good but not great.

  3. ムムユムリム湯フフムヌムフフリヌム日にちみき虫仏タフ布都メヒフチフにヒナムニムヌはめへ妻沼淵へ血地節々根知でメチムにシプネ塗ってスヌスネスヌツプっぺ塗っ?まぷつへつへへぬなぬほぬふすふくぬきにねしつちぺすふくぬねぎふくつてつすへふむ1867むつへすねすねくねくぬふちふつにつさみちむ

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