Learn to Play Mercs: Recon

Learn how to Play Mercs: Recon. I this video I will cover setup, the four phases of each turn, combat, and Breach & Clear actions.

Mercs: Recon is a 1-5 player fully cooperative tactical strategy board game were players are playing a team of mercs sent into a building to destroy objectives, capture key scientists, and other objectives. The buildings security force and personal is controlled by the game with cards and rules governing their actions.

Each mission will take between 45 to 90 mins to play.

Artists and Music
Soundmopi – Rise of Storm
Julia Saltflower – In and Against
Julia Saltflower – Machine world
Evan King – End This
Jim Yosef – Dawn
Mikro Matique – Drowning Gravity
Christian Baczyk – Exosphere
Matias Puumala – Nemesis
Marco Vernacchia – Remember me this Way

I do not own the rights to these songs.

Please leave any comments or questions below, I am always looking for ways to make better videos. So if something is not clear or if you have any ideas I am willing to listen.


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9 thoughts on “Learn to Play Mercs: Recon

  1. Two questions for you how do i contact them for miss g pieces and figures? Also on breach and clear how do inflict damage to the objective to destroy it. Saw you did 1 damage to it in the how to play. Also if objective is not destroyed after my guys do breach and clear attacks it is an auto loss?

  2. I would really like to see another playthrough for Myth as well. I have the game and I'm embarrassed to admit that I am still having TONS of difficulty getting STARTED. Megacon, I think, probably think that it should be fairly obvious that if one follows the rules, it should be fairly easy to get playing. For me, my experience has been that I get started and become so confused and frustrated that I wasted over 30 minutes getting things set up, and then… Now what?!? My needs are getting set up and then some "hand-holding" for several moves through the first several rounds until I get a feel for the flow, and then once I can understand better the "language" of the game, then I can be comfortable to continue on my own.. This video is excellent, and I think that Megacon would be wise to at least help you out a little bit to get a set to you if you dont have one.. If you live near Northern VA, I could share my setup.. anyway..

  3. probably this was mentioned several times already – any chance to see how to play MYTH 2.0 video?

  4. I had not heard of this game and it looks like a Burgle Bros meets Metal Gear. Very interested in this as I need a stealth thriller cooperative game.

  5. Great video dude……. at 23.47 (that's where I paused to get the dice combination you threw) you have a total of 5 bursts, 1 of them is collateral…… My understanding of that is collateral effects everything in the area…… So in this case the opfor you target would have received 5 damage not 4 like you said and 1 for the other opfor and one for the area? Does that sound right?

  6. great tutorial video. this one's way to fiddly for me. I can see myself running to the rule book to often or forgetting to do something.

  7. One question that occured to me: If every player gets one Merc, does this mean two players will have to accomplish their mission with only two Mercs, while 5 players will have 5 Mercs? Is this balanced somehow?

    Or am I just getting this completely wrong?

    Other than that: brilliat video, thank you very, very much. Helped me ten times more than this abomination of a rulebook ever could have done…

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