Kung Fu 2 (NES animation)(Castlevania)

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Made sometime in 2001, my very earlier days of using Flash. Always wanted to know how to make games, but found it too intimidating so learned how to some simple animations instead (but could do games later). Ahhh, still remember animating this, where I got some of the sound effects from, etc.

Man I sucked back then 😛 – bad spelling/grammar.

This animation was made to be viewed in 512×446, but recorded it in 720p anyway (for a couple of reasons I care not to mention). Some details are drawn as 1×1 sized pixel lines, like the frame around the dialogue boxes and the spinning yellow effect on the weapon before the lightning hits it… these effects are thick and clear when viewing it in 512×446, but in higher res, they can become too thin as they are vectors and keep their 1×1 pixel size. So, I rescaled the video with a bit of Bilinear so these lines wouldn’t disappear completely.

I contemplated whether I should animate score and health as well, but had enough work with the rest anyway so skipped it.

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13 thoughts on “Kung Fu 2 (NES animation)(Castlevania)

  1. Here's the other Kung-Fu animation parts:

    Kung-Fu: https://youtu.be/LEoB321GWRA
    Kung-Fu 3 (Zelda): https://youtu.be/xfgsOaO4Be
    Kung-Fu 4 (Mega Man): https://youtu.be/Y237b1bScVw

    Also check out my "Kung Fu – Remix" game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iNZfrUo7NQ (longplay)

  2. great job looking on youtube reminds looking on newgrounds. *(Quote: I know ) * the riff from the final fight which song is it?

  3. I know "played by Ironclaw" doesn't make sense, but it's my "mark" for my longplays and didn't wanna make a new one 🙂

    Blood from a skeleton? Maybe he had "filling" and wasn't see-throughy (ye, my own word).

    Also check out my "Kung Fu – Remix" game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iNZfrUo7NQ (longplay)

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