Howard Leight Impact Sport Vs. Walker Razor Electronic Earmuffs

This is a comparison between the Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic earmuffs and the Walker Razor low profile electronic earmuffs. Links Below
Walker Razor

Howard Leight

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24 thoughts on “Howard Leight Impact Sport Vs. Walker Razor Electronic Earmuffs

  1. I have both headsets except the Walkers are the Bluetooth version. I agree with most of your overview, but I find the Walkers sound quality pretty poor, there’s too much distortion and interference. I also don’t like the volume knob’s feel, there’s no tactile resistance, feels cheap.

  2. Walker Razor's are terrible, i've had two pairs now, the first didn't work out of the box, and the second failed after about 3 months of use. This, coupled with Terrible customer service = definitely would not recommend.

  3. Just bought walkers and they’re so uncomfortable for me I can’t wear safety glasses properly so I’m in the market for new ones the spring over the head gives me a headache too it’s too tight I mean I wear them but only for an hour maybe 2 but mine are the razor slims

  4. I've used the HL for years. They fit under a helmet pretty nicely and when I started wearing them there weren't many choices and being able to plug my phone in was a big plus at the time… I think if I were looking to purchase a new set I may try the WR because of the cut at the bottom for a better fit when shouldering a rifle.

  5. I would like to point out that while there is a standard to measure NRR there is no standard on how to apply it to ear protection devices. Ear protective devices are protecting you from several different frequencies of noise so some companies will use the highest NRR rating from a single frequency in the range to rate their ear protectors, some companies will use the lowest NRR rating from a single frequency in the range and others will use an average of all the frequencies in the ranges.

    Using MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X with Gel Ear Cups as an example as they are rated at an NRR of 18 or 19 depending on the model but in the frequency range of a gun shot they are actually providing NRR 27 to 30 depending on the frequency of that gun shot.

    So if you just go by the NRR on the promotional packaging then you may dismiss the MSA ear protectors and choose another brand with a higher NRR rating on the box but in the frequency of a gun shot you may have actually picked a set of ear protection that does not protect as well as the MSA brand does.

    Unfortunately there is no way for the consumer to compare all the brands in the frequency range of gun shots so it is a guessing game at best because most companies do not post full test results for NRR and will only post the rating that is highest for their product.

  6. We went with the MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X, Black, with Gel Ear seals, had two sets of Radian electronic ear protection in the past.

  7. With the Walkers it’s hard to access my rotating microphone switch while wearing an ACH. And sometimes the switch comes on and off when the edge my ACH rubs on it while laying in the prone. Annoying! I took them off and put on foams. So, now I just use them for pistol and indoor ranges. Still nice for the money. And mine came with 2 Velcro US Flags. 🇺🇸

  8. Just watched one of John's latest videos from the Warrior Poet Society Channel and John says the Howard's have better sound:) Just the opposite, which tells me the whole sound thing is subjective and sense both items are comparable with one being $10 less, everyone should start with the Walkers IMO:)

  9. Excellent work on the video once again hey man what I do is I wear a plug on the inner ear and I wear the same headphones on the outer ear you got to protect folks I learned this from Jerry Miculek if he says do it you do it be safe bless

  10. I have the HL Impact Sports. I really enjoyed them. With COVID-19 my range was harder to get into for a while because they had to reduce capacity. So I hadn't been in several months. I was going to go this weekend and I went through my range bag. The rubber on the battery cover and on the switch has started to break down and has become super sticky. While still functional, it's very annoying. I think I might try the Walker Razor as they appear to have less rubber on those areas.

  11. I wish the video and comments focused more on how much noticeable "GUN" noise they each block and how they are impacted by various shooting glasses.  I am not at a range to comfortably blab with buddies next to some guy shooting a 7MM mag rifle. I need these to protect my hearing and everything else is secondary. If I am shooting national hi power matches all year then I have more money than God anyways.

  12. One thing many people dont consider is the arms on your eyewear. The thicker your eyewear the more it deforms the pads on your earmuffs and can reduce the protection they offer.

  13. What if you rock glasses? Can you get a decent seal or is it necessary to change out the pads to something with a cutout for eye protection?

  14. I've had a pair of howard leight for over 10 years which are still working. I purchased a walker razor and it crapped out after 6 months of use.

  15. Fails to actually put BOTH OF THEM on his head and show how easy/hard it is to adjust them, which is a huge mistake in the making of this video.

  16. Just bought the Howard Leight to use at an outdoor range for my CCL qual and not sure I like them. The cups don't really form a seal around my ears especially at the bottom and slightly behind my ears. I've adjusted several times but couldn't get a tight enough seal and some sound seems to sneak in. Kind of disappointed. Too late to return them now…

  17. Midway has the Razor on sale this month so I picked up two of them. Much nicer than the Caldwells I used to use. No led indicator to show they are on though, which is a minor downside.

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