How To Print Replacement Game Cases At Home! [DIY] | Nintendrew

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Nintendo Store cases:
Amazon replacement cases:
The Cover Project:
Case dimensions:


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32 thoughts on “How To Print Replacement Game Cases At Home! [DIY] | Nintendrew

  1. Hey, everyone! 😄 As always, please use restoration methods responsibly. As with any other sort of repro technique (cartridges, box touch-ups, etc), if you intend to resell, make sure to let the buyer know the game's been refurbished! Or better yet, just use these tips for your own personal collection. Cheers!

  2. Could someone help me I got stuck at the part where you pull up the image to GIMP. What happened was I pulled my image up and checked the image size when I changed the image size to the right one I wanted to print it and I went to image settings for some reason I can’t change the width and the height of the image I tried to change it but the highest it has is 8 inches which isn’t big enough for my Wii cover art it always turns out too small I don’t know what to do could someone help me

  3. I just got a bunch of loose gamecube games that i want to put in cases on a shelf and i found this video VERY helpful! Thank you nintendrew

  4. How do I get cases on the Nintendo Store? When I go to the website it looks completely different and doesn't have the "Classic Products" tab, and the link doesn't work.

  5. Legend has it somebody actually puts the 'reproduction label' thing on their prints. I personally print these to give my games the look of launch day releases they shoul have

  6. I downloaded GIMP, but when I go to change the print orientation from portrait to landscape, it closes the little window. And then another window pops up saying this dying plug in may have altered GIMP’s internal state and is suggested you restart the program. I’ve tried reinstalling this program 3 times and I keep getting the same results. I tried Krita, but there are no printing options. Wtf?

  7. It always makes me angry when GameStop makes their putrid cases with their logo and just the name of the game on the front

  8. Thanks dude just bought mario sunshine and needed a way to see that it;s mario sunshine and not just some random disk lol

  9. is there another website beside thecoverproject in case they dont have the cover im looking for? im looking for valfaris cover for the switch its hard to find , im looking everywhere and nothing

  10. what do you do when there isnt a cover art on the website? im finding them on google but theyre the wrong size

  11. I don't have the Canon Prem. Glossy paper, but this tutorial sure does help me. First, I need to get myself the ink and color cartridges; I just ran out.

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