Knowledge is power! Even if that knowledge causes you to rethink some of those lovely summer memories.
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Summary: I visited Lindsay Blackstock at the University of Alberta to learn about her ingenious method for measuring the amount of pee in a pool by looking at the concentration of an artificial sweetener called Acefulfame Potassium. We looked at some samples from some pools in my area to determine how much pee was in them and I conducted an experiment of my own to see what was the cause of that “classic pool smell”. I also presented average amounts of pee in large pools as well as an equation to determine how much pee is in your own pool.



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50 thoughts on “How to measure HOW MUCH PEE IS IN YOUR POOL

  1. i love it how hes using rays piss jugs as the representation on how much pee is in the pool (only canadians will understand what ray's piss jugs are

  2. Welcome to our ool!
    Notice how there is no p in it?
    Lets keep it that way

    Btw me just watching this while i am a swimmer and i swim in olimpic pools /:

  3. My question is, what is the element in urine that reacts with chlorine? Because if it's urea, then sweat would cause trichloramine too wouldn't it?

  4. This video is so misleading because the same chemicals in urine are also found in sweat. By just going into a pool on a hot summer day, your bodily salts, oils, skin and hair cells, and sweat are going to help create trichloromene…

  5. My grandparents have a hot tub at their mountain house, and the last time we visited and went in the hot tub we literally were full with rashes and it looked liked I had chicken pox. It seems nature helped out a lot. Thank you birds and leaves

  6. I am never swimming again. This video was traumatizing. I have drank pee in my life time, but I know you have too…

  7. 1:45 if he didn't work for NASA for 9 years, he probably would not understand a single thing she said 😂

  8. I know why the hot tub was higher … Its because pee is warm and hot tubs are hot,so people wouldn't notice it

  9. the water only smells of chlorine because it is too dirty as soon as the chlorine has absorbed too much dirt in the water it smells of chlorine

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