Horse Kisses! – The Last Of Us Part 27 Gameplay Walkthrough Let's Play Cartridge Crash

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Cartridge Crash Presents The Last Of Us! In a the land of tomorrow there lived a man of great sorrow who through hardship and drinking and strife, was forced into caring for a girl who was daring and took her to a clinic to get spliced into a sexy-robot with a chain-gun and a puppy sidekick!

Haha! …..that never happened. This dear viewers is a fantastic looking game from the creators of the uncharted series and the jack and daxter games! You Play as Joel a man with a broken watch and a broken heart who must protect Summer Glau from the hazards of the devastated tomorrow all in the hopes of giving Nathan Fillion a kiss on the mouth…

Contains Explicit Commentary!

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10 thoughts on “Horse Kisses! – The Last Of Us Part 27 Gameplay Walkthrough Let's Play Cartridge Crash

  1. yeah, hunters are the dudes that keep trying to kill me and ellie, their also the ones who ambushed us etc 🙂

  2. Bahahahaha! wow! that never even occurred to me haha xD who knows what he got up to in those 20 years before his 'Ellie' mission lol 😀
    Yeah he's definitely becoming father Joel 🙂

  3. i like you videos but don't spam about your channel or send pm to people about your channel. its better to make your channel grow legit.

  4. Awesome!!! 😀 well thx for being a fantastic-person with an amazing face 😛 and for watching my silly videos i really do appreciate it.

  5. Gaaahghgh…uhhh…yeeeessssssnnnnoopes, maybeee.. haha! your name looks familiar what did we chat about? 😀

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