Haydee – Download (game by Haydee Interactive 2016)

Haydee game download link:

HARDCORE OLD-STYLE METROIDVANIA MIXED WITH MODERN-DAY THIRD PERSON SHOOTER. Very tough platformer. Make no mistake, the sexy character is a distraction, there’s solid gameplay under all these lovely curves. Think old school Tomb Raider dressed by Mirror’s Edge and Portal. Each section will test your hand/eye coordination, you’re reflexes, and your ability to think while your surrounded by intimidating enemy A.I. If you like survival and exploration, with some light platforming and metroidvania mechanics thrown in, definitely check it out.

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3 thoughts on “Haydee – Download (game by Haydee Interactive 2016)

  1. This game does not work, Always the same mistake > Startup Erro > Init Failed. See game.log for details.

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