Guess the Movie! (Movie Quiz Game). Test your memory and improve it at the same time!

Think you know your movies, think again. This new YouTube series gets you involved in the video. In this episode you have to guess the movie, some may come to you quickly, while others may challenge your mind. The best part is that it may help in improving your hippocampus (the part of the brain that is responsible for your memory).

Stay tuned for more videos of Guess the …! We have planned to release more Guess the Movie, Guess the Actor, Guess the Soundtrack, Guess the Sports Player, and many more still to come… All right here on elusive now.

Made by elusive now. Rights to video footage goes to the responsible movies. Background music from ‘The Campaign’. No copyright infringement intended.


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23 thoughts on “Guess the Movie! (Movie Quiz Game). Test your memory and improve it at the same time!

  1. #1: The Italian Job (Paramount Pictures, 2003)
    #2: Life of Pi (20th Century Fox, 2012)
    #3: 21 Jump Street (Columbia Pictures, 2012)

  2. I never seen any of these movies. I was hoping for something from Jaws, Back To the future, Harry potter, etc

  3. I've seen every single movie on this list except for citizen and I hated all of them except for 21 jumpstreet

  4. None of those are movies I saw and nobody is talking about them!!
    I expected movies like Die Hard, Star Wars, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Matrix, The Godfather, The Dark Knight, Inception, Citizen Kane, Ben Hur, 2001, Back To The Future, Titanic,……….
    Okay, that would be tooo easy, but still!

  5. like it.
    what do you think about this quizzes games app?

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