GTA 5 :: How To Do The Slasher Events /Jobs :: Tutorial

Quick Description :: A vary quick video of how to get to the Slasher game play with the new Halloween Surprise Update that came out on 10/29/15.

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Long Description :: The main new game type for the geme, is an Adversry Mode game, or job. This is the jobs that martin gives you. The way you get in to in, is to be invited, or go from the start or pause menu!

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45 thoughts on “GTA 5 :: How To Do The Slasher Events /Jobs :: Tutorial

  1. All I do on GTA Online is play Slasher I only played it three times couldn't find it anymore so I had to look someone up who knew where it was no one else knew it except you. thank you

  2. Thank you cuz I was just online the for going to slash your thank you so much I want to subscribe to your channel and take you so much

  3. hey i try it i go to online . jops. play jop . but i i dont see slaher i see only beasts vs slashers !! 🙁

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