Grow THICC From Strength – That sounds like a YOU PROBLEM… (Destiny Menagerie)

That sounds like a You Problem… We took on the Menagerie and attempted to grow dummy thicc from strength today! But with our rate king strats, the skrank gang & Zavala’s indeeding we will probably be demonetised…
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39 thoughts on “Grow THICC From Strength – That sounds like a YOU PROBLEM… (Destiny Menagerie)

  1. Does anyone know what kind of mods you can put on Titan Heavy armour? You know, the armour you can acquire from your Collections and can switch between which stats you want boosted (switching between mobility or recovery for example).

  2. I'm completely like Barb under pressure. I'm hopping around desperately, my aim hits everything except the enemy standing right in front of me and I melee thin air.

  3. I know this is extremely late, but if blackout isn’t on and it’s the ogre boss, use the ball to melee the ogre to get a melting point for extra damage to his shield

  4. You know it I know it we all thought Yeeter of worlds together and we’re pissed byf said it

  5. no one: My ghost at 3 am when there’s hive ass to clap: twinkle twinkle assholes, twinkle twinkle assholes

  6. I couldn’t remember which TSLAYP had the line “Twinkle Twinkle Assholes”, so I YT searched it and this was at the top

  7. 0:46 to 0:49 is just gold
    Also what ship does byf have and how can I get it
    PS. What are they talking about at 7:12 to 7:48

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