Garnier: Darkest Brown

I didn’t want to dye my hair black so I tried Darkest Brown from Garnier. To me it does look black but hopefully during daylight I could see the brown. I really loved this hair color and I hope you did too. If you want to see me try any other color or have any other suggestions of another brand please leave them down in the comment box below and I’ll try to make it happen.

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***Products Used***

– Nutrisse Developer
– Nutrisse Color Creme
– Nutrisse Fruit Oil Concentrate
– Nutrisse Conditioner
– A Pair of Gloves
– A Shower Cap


1) Wishful Thinking by Dan Lebowitz
2) Workout by Freedom Trail Studio

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***Filming Equipment***
– IPhone 6S Plus (filming)
– IMovie Mac (editing)


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30 thoughts on “Garnier: Darkest Brown

  1. Una marca q huele bastante fuerte es "koleston" el de garnier nutrisse me parece q huele mucho menos.🙂🙂🙂🙂👩👩👩👩👩👩👩

  2. thank u for posting this. I was so confused on the 3rd step i didn’t know how to open it 😭 but thanks to u I know now. Sending good energy your way<333

  3. Hi beautiful just came across your channel. I bought the Schwarzkorf colour mask in dark chocolate. It says dark chocolate on the front of the box but then on the lid part where you open it up it's saying black brown! It's in the shade 300. I dyed my hair golden brown but because I have a few grey hairs at the roots it hasn't gone the same colour. It's more of a reddish colour so that is why I'm wanting the roots darker! Can you or anyone else advise me if colouring the roots in this colour it will come out black because I really don't want black roots as I've gone through a lot to get it to the brown lol. Please answer because I don't know what to do 😊. Sorry it's a lot but I'm desperate 😊.
    Your hair has come out nice btw.
    Keep safe. From London, UK 🙂❤

  4. If your putting hair dye you need clean your face with face wipes and conditioner cold water around parts of your face to clean it so chemical is safer to use have extra spare gloves

  5. you are doing that color wrong. You are supposed to do your roots first and the last five minutes you are supposed to do the rest of your hair. Your roots are going to be like in your ends are going to be very dark. You should have read the instructions

  6. Dying my hair tomorrow! My hair is virgin, I’ve never dyed it and rarely ever put any heat in my hair. I have dark brown hair, so I won’t have to worry about regrowth woohoo! I have blonde highlights and orange in my hair that’s why I’m planning to dye it with this same colour & box! Thank you for the tutorial!

  7. Watch the baby tossing and turn. Should’t have the baby around when dying your hair, smell is too strong.

  8. That's the color I use, and I have naturally super black hair, and this shade matches my natural hair color exactly. I mean, exactly, so to me, this is not a brown, is more like a very natural black hair. Like anything darker than that, would look very fake, this is more like a very natural dark black hair, which I love.

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