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If your child wants to have a birthday party and invite friends over to play video games, but you don’t want it to look like a Doritos bomb went off in your family room, call Game Truck. Game Truck will show up at your house and corral the kids inside an air-conditioned (or heated) trailer (called a mobile gaming theater) outfitted with flat-screen TVs and all the latest video games and consoles. Parents can choose which games should be provided to ensure that their young kids aren’t playing rated M video games. Up to 16-20 kids can play at a time, and the party lasts for two hours. (You can add additional time for an extra fee.) Each Game Truck comes with a Game Coach who ensures that all kids get a chance to play and manages the entire event. That means that, though parents are welcome inside the Game Truck, they are also free to relax inside the house or outside with friends while their kids play. (One responsible adult should remain on-site at the time of the event, however.) All the food is kept outside of the trailer, and at the end of the party, Game Truck drives away, leaving you with virtually no clean-up. There are multiple mobile gaming theaters in 50 cities around the country, and prices vary by location. For more information, visit


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