Game of Zones – Game of Zones – 2018 NBA All-Star Special: Kyrie’s Farewell

Kyrie bids farewell to Cleveland and heads for the edge of the world 🌎

Created & Directed by Adam & Craig Malamut
Lead Producer: Sarah Lowen
Supervising Producer: Kristofer Wollinger
Executive Producer: Courtney Andrialis-Vincent
Written by: Adam and Craig Malamut & Matt Hill
Storyboards: Chet Knebel
Lead Character Designer: Hal Lee
Character Design: Meredith Nolan, Sean Sullivan & Matthew Rodriguez
Lead Background Designer: Richard Silvius
Background Painting: Tom Soulen, Hyo Bin Kang & Debbie Yu
Associate Producer: Ethan Kempsell
Lead Animator: Chet Knebel
Animation: Ioana A. Nistor, Meredith Nolan, Matthew Rodriguez & Sean Sullivan
Compositing: Kristofer Wollinger & Thom Lynch
Sound Design: Robert Arrucci
Sound Mixing: Mark Steinmetz
Quality Control: Tim Coughlin, Jacob Bourne, Joey Akeley & Bryan Toporek
Voices by: Adam & Craig Malamut
Special Thanks: Howard Beck, Chris Trenchard, Maurice Peebles, Noah Jampol & Alex Mangini

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36 thoughts on “Game of Zones – Game of Zones – 2018 NBA All-Star Special: Kyrie’s Farewell

  1. He literally blew up the team, which is referenced in real life when Thomas, Wade and the others went to other teams 😂

  2. This was GOZ's high point, from then it went down to more mediocre episodes in season 5-6, with a few exceptions (to their credit). But from "Father of balls" to "Kyrie's farewell" was their best two episodes in my opinion. Before Season 4 the animation really was a bit more rough and episodes were too short to be cohesive storylines, and often became quick "Face checks" as in "wow, we mapped this NBA player to that character! Notice the similarities?" These episodes have enough plot but don't drag out with pointless filler as some of the later episodes do, either.

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