Fractured Fairy Tales: The Frog Prince (CD-Rom, 1996)

The Frog Prince is a children’s storybook CD-Rom game in the Fractured Fairy Tales-series, released in 1996 (by Ward Productions). It contains an animated point and click storybook as well as 8 mini games.

Now all the hilariously twisted high-jinks of the classic animated series Fractured Fairy Tales come to life in a fast-paced CD-ROM story and activity book! Follow the misadventures of one hapless frog as his life is turned upside down when a witch turns him into a handsome young prince! His search to reverse the spell leads you through eight color, unique games and activities for hours of creative multimedia fun! Ages 4-7.

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7 thoughts on “Fractured Fairy Tales: The Frog Prince (CD-Rom, 1996)

  1. OMG. I randomly heard the same bat sound effect as was in this game, got immediate but vague flashbacks, and I can't believe I found this!! XD I had forgotten about this game completely.

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  3. 9:18 I believe there should have been a sparkle in some of those trees.
    10:19 there is also a witch that would be flying her broom outside and crash into the window. That was the funniest.

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