For The King: Dungeon Crawl Mode – #1 – FREE COOKIES! (3-Player Gameplay)

Note: As of the time of recording, the Epic store had For the King listed as their free game of the week. They later pulled the offer due to technical difficulties.

Stumpt are back with more For The King, a 3 player co-op adventure! This time around, the Stumpt boys are checking out Dungeon Crawl Mode, in which they must find and defeat 5 dungeons scattered across the lands.

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24 thoughts on “For The King: Dungeon Crawl Mode – #1 – FREE COOKIES! (3-Player Gameplay)

  1. Jesus christ do yall have to shout in the same time and also make that subscribing shit so loud. This is so much worse than when you played with Jazzy

  2. Rick: "I'm good on godsbeard"
    Me: "Mr. Rick I can absolutely, without doubt, guarantee that you are never 'good on godsbeard' in this game. Ever."

  3. Free cookies…for whom?  6:10 No Stump sharing here. The rest of the group only saw the cookie crumbs left around Riks mouth because he ate them all far from the group.

  4. Hunter is not free character also got unlock carnival so appear everywhere but is worth noting that spending just lore points item is useless.

  5. Because of you,I bought the game last video, and found out alot of interesting little things. The trainer is a neat addition, adds 2 toall stats early game and then when you get to 99 nothing. If he's the only unlock other then characters, or weapons, his appearance rate is 50% a day and 30% to reappear that same night. If it's with 5 or more unlocks it becomes a 35% and 30% chance. Also Ash it's not 13 hours I've beaten it within 4. The dungeon mode makes it imperative for you to carry vision scrolls and teleports.

  6. The percentage chance displayed is per symbol and is based on your base stats. The damage displayed is the maximum damage possible, without a critical or other modifiers, and the maximum damage possible is split across each symbol rolled for an attack. Example: Rick's attack does 9 damage across 3 symbols, if rik rolls 1 success and two failures, then his attack will do 3 damage.

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