Exposing GTFO with evidence

A little different from my normal content, any links provided on screen are here in order. I am making this video to get it known that GTFO account shares in CardFight Vanguard Zero, and I will delete it and apologize if proven wrong.
Links –
The scam comment –
Pre Season GTFO –
Clout chasing to Different Fight –
Claiming he solo’d 1st –
“Denying” allegations –

Chalice interview –

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19 thoughts on “Exposing GTFO with evidence

  1. Hey yoshi, what's the username that you guys are using? At the start of the season a couple days ago I saw an account with Goldenyoshi and one with Silveryoshi. But I don't see silveryoshi in top 100 anymore. Are you guys Goldenyoshi? Did you change the name? or did you guys decide to give up on the endeavor?

  2. Great video, I completely disagree with this tbh, sharing accounts to consistently gain ranks is some of the biggest bs I’ve heard of and honestly pissing me off, I had to pull 2-3 all nighters and skip things in my life to get first place and they basically get the glory without any of the actually work.

  3. I have was linked the original tweet I refer to in this video that was deleted : https://gyazo.com/bcb70aa9dad36cbde3254078bc3cdce7

  4. Yes, it was rumored that the account was shared. Rank is a joke when there is an absurd number to climb. VP farming plus shared accounts running around will just make rank into an even bigger joke. But gl, understand the frustration especially him playing the victim for crowd control.

  5. Thank you for making this. I was pretty sure they are sharing too. Hope they will get banned, You should also contact Game Studio.

  6. 13:40
    Singapore was and still is in quarantine.
    During the time of the tweet, which was May 19th, our quarantine is called a circuit breaker. It lasted 2 months till the end of June. We are still in "Quarantine" except its called phase 1 now.
    I'm not doubting RYG (as they are known now) nor am I saying this video is right at all. But if account sharing really was a problem, it can easily be tracked by GameStudio through IP address. Multiple people from different devices can be tracked. I know this cuz it was an issue in duel links and it was resolved every time through IP tracking. It's also common in games to have IP tracking. Secondly, it is highly possible that the people in RYG are actually grinding their asses off because firstly, we're in quarantine. People lost their jobs, on no-pay leave, can't go to school. Etc. the next best thing is for them to good at something during a time like this.
    In Duellinks, people grind 20-24hours and get 1-3 hours of sleep just to get 1 INVITATION to world's during what we call "KC cup".
    Again, I'm not doubting either party here but just wanted to point out some stuff that was wrongly stated.

  7. Singapore is in like half quarantine? like most work is done online but i get what you mean!! i’m team yoshi on this one despite being Singaporean and his voice just turns me off

  8. I heard from dragonicice (second place DO season) that chalice is a shared account. Idk where he got his info but if you haven’t talked to him about it yet I’d ask his perspective.
    If you do simple math you can tell these GTFO guys are shared accounts. I’ve crunched the numbers before and I remember thinking it was humanly impossible to reach the ranks they were reaching. I made it to 25th place on Amaterasu season and I was thinking man this is already a decent amount of effort

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