Ethics Professor Is Put Into Moral Dilemmas In Detroit Become Human • Professionals Play

What will a real ethics professor do when given impossible moral dilemmas in a video game? We put Professor Bert Ballard to the test!

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Detroit Become Human / Quantic Dream


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38 thoughts on “Ethics Professor Is Put Into Moral Dilemmas In Detroit Become Human • Professionals Play

  1. When he mentions the ethical dilemma of whether or not to break into the drug store to steal the expensive medications for a dying wife, my mind immediately asked how ethical it is to have life-saving treatments cost so much that someone can't get them.

  2. lol he said this game is "linear" … the whole point is you choose your own way omgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. didnt he just say some obvious stuff all the time
    like "if you mess uo you get less choices" ya kinda figgures skdkd

  4. My brothers and I played this game and we got the best possible ending on our first try. Now we're super chill and are trying the other endings by purposely messing up.

  5. The dying wife and drugs one is interesting. If without drugs the wife will definitely die then yes I would steal the drugs. But I will accept the consequences of the theft. Allowing someone to die vs theft. Theft seems the lesser of two evils even though the latter is a crime.

  6. "If we have do-overs, I'll just hit the reset button. You can do it in video games but you can't do that in life."

  7. I feel like this play-through would be somewhat different if a philosophy prof was playing this rather than a communications prof.

  8. The issue with ethics is that people think that people should be corrected. Ethics is just a social construct. Of course if my wife was dying and I had the option to steal medicine I would 100% steal medicine, what do I care stealing a little bit of medicine wont effect anything other than me positively

  9. If anyone is interested, I paint paintings that are found in video games and cartoons in real life. I painted the eye that was in the studio. It can be found at

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