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If you have read the book “Justice: What’s the right things to do” by Michael Sandel, you will understand that ethics and morality are not straight-forward. The biggest ‘trap’ people fall into, is thinking that they are good people, simply because they want to do good. We believe that self-driving cars should be programmed to minimize human losses because it seems to be the right things to do. But is it?

This video reveals the flaw in such logic, not just in the case of self-driving cars but also in the case of fighting for animal rights.

Special thanks to Shanks Wang for his incredible content that inspired us to make this video. You guys can check out his Quora page right here:

We also wants to thank the Quora Community for their incredible Q&A’s. There are so many great things up there and every science lover should check it out @

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Last note, We’d like to give a shoutout to Ryan Vu, and Nguyen Lu Quynh Anh for their awesome translation, which is an incredible contribution to the Vietnamese Subtitle

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47 thoughts on “Ethical Dilemma: What's The Right Thing To Do? | MONSTER BOX

  1. I subscribed because of your final statement. Leadership is not about talking people into danger, its leading them with courage and inspiration through danger by doing the first step yourself.

    It is no doubt why many politicians are not well liked because they are mere empty words.

  2. I strongly disagree with the corporate message in this video. Testing on animals is Never justified. Besides that pharma drugs only serve the pharma industry.

  3. The problem is, you allowed the evil to exist to begin with. AI should be illegal. We have no excuses to justify its existence. So all the "dilemmas" should not exist to begin with.

    The "medical INDUSTRY" does not CURE anything! Its existence, is the ORIGINAL evil. AGAIN, the exisence is the flaw. So the dilemmas it presents should not exist to begin with.

    "moral dilemmas" only exist when the morals are loosely held. There is a set of beliefs, held with CONVICTION that negates ALL "dilemmas". Right is right. and wrong is wrong. The fact that humans no longer know this, shows just how flawed we are.

  4. In the first one, I might buy the car, but I wouldn’t if I had important people in my life who’d miss me (like if I was in a good relationship I would stop driving the car)


  6. I see this heavily in America. "Support our troops" 10% of all homeless people are veterans that you step over on your way into Walmart to get your 48 cans of Pepsi for $4.99 "Support them sometimes!"

  7. Bullshit. If nothing was tested on animals we would still succeed in finding cures at the same rate. How many things in the past didn’t work on animals but MAY have worked on humans?? But never got tested on humans because it didn’t work on an animal. Also when it comes to animals people would just try anything on them but if it was tested on humans then a more thorough examination and study would take place before testing.

  8. ব।






  9. Emotional reasoning is the only adequate explanation for why unnecessary cruelty to animal test subjects should be avoided. Ethical improvements to testing standards, and resources to enforce those standards, only cost us time and money, and slow down the process of getting new drugs and products into the market.

    But you stated that "obviously" cruelty should be avoided and then dismissed the idea of emotional reasoning a few moments later, to the point of saying that people who use emotional reasoning should be kept from decision-making positions.

    Do you have a non-emotional reason for opposing animal abuse?

  10. Because of that, that's why I really want the technology to clone, download and back up the soul consciousness to the cloud, then revive it.

  11. as i always say "for a society to thrive, those stupid people should not be allowed important positions, where they can make decisions for people."

  12. Wait look I don't want to be that one doom guy but I don't get this video what is it trying to say so I get that we should be fair and in case of trying to help people we should sacrifice our self . But I don't get the moral can somebody sum those big words up that he was usinh

  13. Ok,first of all I’m not going to be drugged when I’m older because I plan to never so drugs,but if I get a pet I’m not gonna let that happen to him as well

  14. Gotta be honest, was pretty skeptical about this video considering the topic, but I actually quite liked the video. Glad I keep ads on.

  15. 3:10
    Do testing on killers, or in the case of self-driving cars, make really cheap self driving taxis, sadly it would exploit the poor, but eventually everyone would start using them.

  16. The design of the city in the beginning, as well as the name and shape of "capsule corp" are directly inspired by dragon ball.

  17. I'm perfectly fine with having a self driving car that would kill me rather than a group of people. I'm less likely to get in an accident in the first place anyways, and if it were down to my choice I would rather crash into a wall than say, run down a crosswalk full of orphans carrying kittens.
    But hey, maybe that's just me.

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