Ep. 64: American Heritage Game Of The Civil War Review (Milton Bradley 1961)

A review on how to play the board game American Heritage Game Of The Civil War by Milton Bradley.

“In co-operation with the Editors of AMERICAN HERITAGE, The Magazine of History, the MILTON BRADLEY COMPANY presents this exciting game of Civil War Strategy. As you assemble your troops at famous battle sites, you face many of the problems the great commanders faced – and see for yourself how they solved them. The most skilled general will be the winner! Compare your ‘game war’ with the actual Civil War as described in the enclosed illustrated booklet prepared by the Editors of AMERICAN HERITAGE.”

AMERICAN HERITAGE GAME OF THE CIVIL WAR is a light war game for two players or four players in teams. One player controls the North (blue pieces) and the other the South (grey pieces). Players win by eliminating all of their opponents pieces, or when one side surrenders.

On their turn, players use dice to move their infantry, cavalry, or artillery pieces. The total roll on two die determines the number of movement points. Infantry may move one square for each movement point, cavalry and artillery move two squares for each movement point. Movement across mountains and rivers costs extra. Units may use rail lines to move quickly across the board.

Battles are initiated when a player lines up two or more pieces into a continuous column that is connected to at least one opposing piece. The attack strength of the pieces in the column are calculated, and if the attacker has greater strength, the defending pieces are eliminated from the board. Initiating a battle requires one movement point. Subscribe to keep up with all the latest reviews and game hunts! #boardgame #ads #ads

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6 thoughts on “Ep. 64: American Heritage Game Of The Civil War Review (Milton Bradley 1961)

  1. I still have that game. I played it many , many times.
    I figured out to win and never lose. I always fought with the south. I would simply pull all my troops into the Deep South as far as possible to the gulf , especially Florida ,and just wait for the attack., putting the cannons in back. . Nobody could ever beat me if I did that. But it made for a boring game.

  2. The civil war of checkers ; interesting. I like the way it looks. are the numbers on the grid in circles used for setup?

  3. +Board Game Museum, thanks for the review. Looks fairly simple rules wise. I will have to track down this game and buy a copy. Thumbs up. Approximately how many times have you played his game? Who/which side won?

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