Drunk with power, Jim Sterling abuses his position to start sneaking out some of his more ruinous opinions. In this episode, he divulges his love for Dynasty Warriors and somehow thinks he’ll get away with it. Will he inspire others to confess their secret shame, or will he bring pitchforks and torches to his door?

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Never one to shy away from controversy, the irrepressible Jim Sterling delivers a scathing — yet always informed and insightful — rant about whatever aspect of the gaming industry is annoying him that week. Watch the next episode of Jimquisition a week early, only on The Escapist.

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  1. Dynasty warriors is a good game idea and Persona 5 scramble on switch (and ps4) will elevate it's evolution.

  2. The funniest British is when people shit on Dynasty Warriors because the story sucks. Even though it's based off history and either being very shu biased Dynasty Warriors 7 at least does a very good job of portraying it while the rest give interesting what if scenarios to history.

  3. I haven't played much Dynasty Warriors, I saw DW3XL on eBay, and bought it without knowing that it was an expansion. Then played it a bunch, and bought 3 when I realised that it was only an expansion.

  4. I hope Jim has tried DW2. The fact that you get bodyguards to level up and they hadn't yet trial-and-errored out the kinks, you can make your bodyguards go from two little weenies to eight basically invincible death machines by level three of the story mode. Now THAT is satisfying!

  5. I lolled.

    Also I recently played 'One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3' and because I'm a huge fan of the series I laughed and cried, and laughed and cried, and raged and laughed, all over again.

    And I also enjoyed the game.

  6. I honestly find DW and Sengoku Basara some of the best stress relief and couples co-op games ever. Can't tell you how many times me and my wife sit down and play for hours on end crushing thousands of enemies while laughing and having a good time. Hell we also play when we want a legitimate challenge as the games are very hard on higher difficulties and won't be afraid to curb stomp you if you think one button will win the day. Jim I thank god for you and will stand by your side in defending these great series.

  7. I'm curious to know your view and what you think of everyone's else backflip view of the game now that Hyrule Warriors is out? I discovered the series thanks to Hyrule Warriors so I may check it out.

  8. You wanna know something funny?
    Citizen Kane is actually complete garbage

    Seriously. Have you ever watched it? It's FUCK-AWFUL. And not even in one of those "aged badly" senses; when ol' Citizen Kane was announced at the Oscars that year, the announcer was boo'd offstage. It's a slow, pretentious ride of bullshit that's stretching at the seams with script rewrites that only took place because the actors were incompetent and clumsy, dropping important props on the ground and breaking them but insisting on shooting the scene anyway before the props department could order the correct replacements. Even the director thought it was boring, and included a cockatoo jumpscare three quarters of the way through just to keep you from literally falling asleep

  9. Good god that voice acting is dreadful, and not in a so-bad-its-good way.  Still it does seem like critics are overly harsh on this series, even though it's not my thing personally.

  10. Hi Jim!  Great video, but I actually think Capcom's beat-em-up KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND is actually a better comparison for DYNASTY WARRIORS than GOLDEN AXE.  Not that they're that different in spirit, however KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND features gameplay quirks which make it feel in closer to the WARRIORS setup:
    –Protagonists and setting are historical/mythical (King Arthur, Lancelot) as opposed to just made up fantasy characters ala GOLDEN AXE
    –You have a block function unlike GOLDEN AXE.
    –You can't grab and throw enemies like you can in GOLDEN AXE.  This is closer to the nature of the early DW games.  You just let your weapon do the talking.
    –More RPG mechanics: You level up through earned XP and get new equipment (Arthur's golden sword is a sight to behold).  GOLDEN AXE had none of this.
    –The main animal you ride is a horse!
    –Your opponents are mainly just enemy soldiers and not a variety of crazy fantasy monsters like GOLDEN AXE.  This is closer in nature to the WARRIORS series.

    If they remade KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND, I'm sure Capcom would have an awesome Arthurian DYNASTY WARRIORS type game on their hands.

  11. I first know about DW was watching O.C with some of the main cast playing it. Only DW game I have buy and play is DW Gundam 2. Now that I think about it street of rage and DW are a bit a like.

  12. can't talk about the whole series, but hyrule warriors was great to me partially because each match was such a puzzle to be solved, trying to figure out in which order to do the sulrry of objectives laid before you. It was incredibly deep, in addition to being a fun beat'em'up with difficult boss figts.

  13. Am I the only one who played Bladestorm and if not then does anyone else wish it got more attention and/or a sequel?

  14. So people complained about Jim just saying stuff Extra Credits and the like said before, huh?

    Wouldn't it be better if multiple people agreed on something? To prove that the subject is a problem, and not just someone looking too deeply into a situation? I will never understand humans, despite being a human myself.

  15. Individually, any given DW game can be okay. I view them like I view my NHL games, I'm okay buying one every few years, but I'm not shelling out fifty or sixty bucks every year (or twice a year) for the same thing as last time.

  16. I honestly love the Warriors series (excluding the ones taken from licensed series such as Gundam and Fist of the North star). For the very reasons Jim has stated. I must admit that I find it ludicrous that biased and "factioned" gaming journalists such as IGN, Multiplayer.it and many others get so much recognition when they are basically publishers underdogs. 
    I find Jim's reviews and thoughts 1000fold more objective than the everyday article by any of those people, which I heed no more, since their productions are hardly ever on point.

  17. The Dynasty Warriors series has the same core issue that made me stop playing the Pokemon series. Both have a breadth of customization, deep tactical gameplay systems, and a high skill ceiling – in theory, but not in practice. These games seldom reward you for skilled play or punish you for unskilled play because the enemies you encounter are brain dead. Imagine playing Dark Souls, with the only difference being that enemies don't duel with you, but instead swarm around you ineffectually and wait for you to kill them. The customization and combat mechanics would still be just as deep, but why bother trying to understand or master any of that stuff if it is no longer essential to defeating your opponents? Would playing Dark Souls that way still be fun and interesting? I would get bored of the game very quickly if that were the case.

  18. I never understood why people shit all over Dynasty Warriors and games with the same gameplay style. If you ask me, nothing is more satisfying than mowing down hoards of enemies and being a one-man army. Yeah, it's not got a deep storyline, but if you want a story, read a book or watch a movie.

  19. While this is the first time I don't agree with Jim, I see his point.
    However, buttonmashing is a term for when you constsntly, non-stop just press buttons at random, or spamming the same button again and again as fast as you can.
    That is not how you play Mario platformers.. You coordinate your jumps, running pace and usage of power ups.

    That is the only flaw I see in this video.. I don't agree.. But I respect the opinion on the Dynasty franchise and the points of this video.
    Thank god for Jim.

  20. the game is entertaining, it is a easy game without much intricacies, and have pretty good freedom in terms of gameplay.such as open non- linear battlefields and a variety of characters and weapons that is larger than most fighting games, including a half-naked elderly bodybuilder with a mohawk, or a justin-bieber look alike with a massive rocket powered sword. the concept is a elegant one, but a bit overdone, definitely not for long continuous play…or an iteration every years, especially since the story is already told 8 times(3 for samurai warriors)

  21. 0:23
    love the DW3 music in the background, but personally I would have picked "Rival – Last Stand" or just the DW3 theme

    Also, has anyone ever informed the masses about the differences between the different Warriors series?
    Dynasty Warriors (vanilla) – based on "Romance Of The Three Kingdoms", just run around and murder shit
    Samurai Warriors – basically the same as DW, except we're in feudal Japan
    Dynasty Warriors: Gundam – now we're in the universe of Mobile Suit Gundam (the original mecha anime) and we pilot giant robots and capture various fields, and our Musou attacks are slightly different – the duration and power is determined by how many pink chevrons you fill up
    Warriors Orochi – cross-over between Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors
    Hyrule Warriors – Koei takes their DW beat-em-up mechanics to the wonderful world of The Legend Of Zelda
    Then there's Legends Of Troy, but we don't talk about that one… neither do we talk about Dynasty Warriors 6

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