Dungeon Defenders Throwback Fun! Dice Hunt – King's Game!

Having some fun in the OG Dungeon Defenders 1! Gotta get those Dice!

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12 thoughts on “Dungeon Defenders Throwback Fun! Dice Hunt – King's Game!

  1. "if you combined the gameplay of DD1 with the quality of life of DD2 you'd get the best game ever," you say? hmm.

  2. It would help if somebody could tell me how to get his sword he has, i think its called the crab stabber? Pls

  3. I miss playing this game so much. They keep adding content but I just don't have the desire to grind for the gear anymore and I have no friends who are interested anymore.

  4. i would love to see you live playing dd1, but im from EU so it's hard 🙂 but so many memories about this game, atleast im awake to see your early stream. xD

  5. Not gonna lie I ruined tf out of the game on xbox I created a ton of mods. But when I played it on PC it was so enjoyable

  6. I remember buying a full pack to my brother to play togther (we used to play WoW together a lot of time in the past) and he didnt liked it X_D.

  7. Wow, I remember buying this off the Xbox 360 store when it first came to console. It was A great game and better looking then dd2 in my opinion. Wish 2 was just as good as 1 but dd2 will suffice.

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