Direct Game Vs Indirect Game – Which Should I Use?

I believe direct game is the way to go. It is more honest, authentic and, time efficient for YOU. It helps build your masculine intent that women find attractive and will iron out those nice guy tendencies and behaviours that contribute to your successful progression in game. Beginners will start with being verbally direct.

If the situation calls for it or you want to practise your non verbal communication skills try to speak to girls using direct intent sub communication rather than using the verbals. If a girl is wearing a skimpy outfit/ gym attire try ‘that’s a great outfit your almost wearing’ said slowly and with a smug grin. Subscribe to my channel here:


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James Tusk teaches how to meet and date girls without using social media dating apps, online dating or having to go to overpriced, sweaty night clubs.

I believe ‘day game’ is the most genuine and authentic way to meet girls – whether you see the girl of your dreams walking along the street, working in a store, eating in a restaurant or really whatever situation you can think of, I’ve been there and I’m here to help you master the situation from the initial conversation, to taking her phone number and the subsequent dating.

Enjoy the free daygame content and leave questions/comments if I can help you with anything else.

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19 thoughts on “Direct Game Vs Indirect Game – Which Should I Use?

  1. Tusk, I agree that direct is the best way to go. However, while watching your videos it seems like your end goal is to just hookup with the girl. I believe that girls think your looking for more than that when your picking them up. You never tell them straight up that is all your looking for. Which I could imagine they would turn tale and run. So in a way your still going indirect.

  2. I agree direct is ballsy. There are times I've opened indirect only to think why the fuck didn't I just go direct. What I do in shops and indoor venues is either a compliment, or a funny line, or a opinion opener based on something in the environment e.g "now you look really stylish, what do you think of this? Haha no it's not for me, it's for my mum"

    The problem with direct approaching on the street is it only works if you fully commit, you're confident and there are other factors working for you. And also the girl you approach is open to being approached like this. Many women simply can't handle a guy running up to them to give them a compliment.

    I have actually number closed a few girls by asking for directions because I was too nervous to go direct because I am based in a smaller city and one of my fears is that I may have approached that girl before. Therefore I don't have the luxury of being able to choose from 3 million women unless I travel over 50 miles and go to London.

    Although I did end up fucking a girl I had approached before who was not in a good mood the first time I approached her lol

    So Now direct might be ballsy but not all women will appreciate it especially if they are fed up of receiving compliments on their looks or they're socially anxious. This could overwhelm them especially if there are people nearby.

    I think based on a woman's body language and how they're dressed might be a good way to determine if Direct is the right course of action or indirect. For example hot girl with short skirt and heels or tight jeans strutting confidently down the street, then direct would probably work, even some teasing too but if she's walking with her head down, dressed conservatively then it might be better to go indirect.

    Guys need to be taught how to open indirect too! By only going direct you become a one trick pony and rigid.

    Indirect direct can work pretty well because you've gone from cold to warm then to hot.

  3. What you think about Roosh V advice about not scareing the cat by using indirect approach? Roosh V also says indirect allows the girl to know you more and it's safer than direct approaching.

  4. It’s not about having no balls going direct, it’s about not looking needy asf. You going to tell me this isn’t a red sign to her thinking you don’t have other women in your life and you stopped your day just for her? Just go indirect-direct. Direct will also scare most women.

  5. I tried going direct for a year and got no progress due to AA. Very frustrating. I am a guy who is sensitive to rejection. I am now going indirect and making progress. I believe indirect IS the way to go if direct causes constant AA. Direct comes after some confidence has been built up with indirect. Anyone else agree?

  6. I think as a guy we should be versatile and use both. By telling guys and shaming them into going direct they feel more pressure and then end up not approaching.

    I don't think you should discredit indirect and opening a bit neutral to build social comfort them throw in some teasing. I think opening situational and indirect takes more skill as you have to convey you're attracted via non verbals and flirting.

    Imagine a train carriage full of people. It's hard to escape although a girl may just put her ear phones in if she's not interested. But this situation can make her feel uncomfortable if you go direct.

    I've had some success with indirect. On the street yes go direct but in other situations you have to assess the situation.

    I really do think guys need to be taught how to open indirect/situational then transition to teasing. it's not about hiding your Dick. it's really about being socially intelligent based on the moment.
    Why don't you post a video of doing indirect/situational approaches and see if you can still number close.

    It's getting cold now so you don't need to freeze your bullocks out on the street. Try some department stores and museums. You got a shit load of them in London.

    That's your challenge😉

  7. Say you lived in a building with lots of flats and you ran into a hottie, would you go direct and try to number close immediately or play the long game (i.e. chit chat and once you've ran into her a couple more times, suggest getting a drink)?

  8. I don't think there is direct or indirect, the only thing that can be measured is how fast are you showing your intent.

  9. Indirect daygame is more complicate but great in situations with high social pressure.
    However when a woman is in a hurry, it's always better to open directly, so at least you have the chance to make a quick number close. Under good circumstances with neither hurry nor social pressure you can open either directly or indirectly.

  10. What if you're travelling to Lebanon, Dubai, Turkey, etc… would you still go full on direct? e.g. "I just noticed you and I think you look quite nice/hot"

  11. Indirect feels more magical and even the girl thinks the whole process is natural. You can seal the deal in the comfort phase when using indirect game. Direct game is good and shows you got ball.

  12. My desicion is based on phycological reasons. A pretty woman goes to defence when you stop her and compliment her, even if she is lonely, because she has many options.I think indirect game is more strategic and by giving a little ,very little bit of infos about yourself makes her intrested in you before u ask her number. It'a all about the words that come out of your mouth.

  13. Direct game is more real and natural, it’s what courting is really suppose to be. I don’t know who created indirect but it’s very unnatural, Pussy for lack of a better word, and completely just bullshitting. I don’t know how come there’s people who think indirect is better than direct game. When direct game is done right it shits on indirect and it makes things proceed faster.

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