Designing and Building The Ultimate Xbox Stand – Woodworking

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For this video I partnered with Kevin Kenson Gaming to create the Ultimate Xbox Set-up. In the video I go over how the project came about, various design choices we went through, and all of the woodworking techniques that went into creating the piece.

Check Out the Ultimate Xbox Set Up Here –

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44 thoughts on “Designing and Building The Ultimate Xbox Stand – Woodworking

  1. I have a stabilization question. It looks like the feet are just the ends of the X walnut pieces on the back half of the piece. What keeps it from falling forward if much is placed on the shelves?

  2. I have some weights like that and had planned to get rid of them since they are never used…..definately going to keep them now…

  3. you probably won’t ever see this comment but do you have all the measurements for each piece because i’m tryna make this for my junior cert in school.

    also it’s honestly so amazing tho and you definitely inspired me to make this amazing piece of art

  4. Really cool design but what does it look like with the electronics on it? Does it take away from the uniqueness of the piece? Would be good to see it as an entertainment console.

    Disclaimer: not criticising but curious as I feel it may be better as a shelf as opposed to a console

  5. Chris, I know you might answered this already, but which program do you use for this sketch style 3D draw?
    Congrats for your job, and keep it up! You are inspiring more than you can imagine!
    See ya!

  6. been hearing about this on the podcast almost at episode 50. this is super slick and way different than i thought it would be. love your design man

  7. Any chance you could share the dimensions? I've been trying to figure this out for a while & cant seem to manage to get the dimensions quite right, especially the X & shelf heights

  8. Before I even seen Xbox in the description I thought that would be cool shelf for Xbox that’s super nice best ever

  9. great to look at, but the split up x would be dissapointing to touch if you were admiring the shelf and you wanted to feel how sturdy it was. probably just me

  10. يعجبني ذلك احسنة في دقتك في عملك
    لقول المصطفى عليه الصلاة و السلام
    من عمل عمل فاليحسنه 👍🏼⚘

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