Company Turns Kids’ Drawings Into Stuffed Plush Toys

Budsies is a company that brings kids’ unique artwork to life by making handmade plushies. These adorable plushies are detailed and encompass the personality of the drawing.


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50 thoughts on “Company Turns Kids’ Drawings Into Stuffed Plush Toys

  1. Kids don't get your hopes up like me. They are hella expensive and unless your rich or have a birthday coming up it's not happening.

  2. All these kids that get them are spoiled. These are 99 dollars I wanted to make my warrior cats custom real TvT

  3. I need to know if this is free then have .my mom .send a .picture of our dog my .emotional support dog and get him made into one because I need him and I love stuffed animals so this would be perfect for me

  4. Me realising there £130 dollars: ummmm 👁👄👁 guess I’m wasting my money on a stuffed animal

  5. I wonder what will happen if I send a Wrrior cats OC with torn ears, half their face scarred bcuz of dogs (not to be mistaken with BrightHeart), their back, side of neck, and flank full of scars and shiz, and their right (or left?) Back paw mangled enough they can't walk on it… hmmmm

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