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Hey viewers, its Spartan here, bringing you guys my review on the movie Citizen Kane. Now, before I get into any more details, here’s something to note: I will be doing more movie reviews, just to add more variety to my commentaries, and so that I have something to talk about. I’d like to be able to take requests for reviews, but sadly I can’t get out to the theaters as often as I’d like. So, some movies you guys suggest I might not be able to do. Just letting you know that…

Now, onto the review!

So, I gave this movie a 4.5/5
The plot was lacking: The main point of the movie (Rosebud) was not enough to drive the movie in my eyes. There needed to be something else to really thicken the plot.
But, what it lacks in substance it makes up for in style. This movie was shot BEAUTIFULLY! The lighting provided excellent shading effects, which gave scenes a sort of eerie or sinister feel to them. Using deep focus, shots kept all aspects of the scene in focus. The amount of detail in this movie was absolutely breathtaking.
Do I recommend it to you, the viewer? Let’s just say this isn’t your Michael Bay film with constant action, explosions, and hot babes. But, if you really enjoy films, and the aspects that truly make a film great, then you will really enjoy this film.
Citizen Kane: Best film of all time? It might just be…


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One thought on “Citizen Kane Review

  1. The ending, where we learn what "Rosebud" was, it is what "Rosebud" symbolizes that makes the ending of the film great.

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