China’s ‘biggest’ crane game centre gets customers digging out plush versions of online characters

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Business is picking up at China’s largest claw crane game arcade in the capital Beijing.

LJJ Station is operated by 12 Block Culture, a company that creates WeChat sticker animations and related intellectual property.

The creative firm has opened up nearly a dozen such arcades as it started digging up new products, including making plush toy versions of their popular online animations.

The stuffed versions of the company’s characters are proving to be perfect enticements for customers who test their skill – and patience – on the more than 60 skill-crane machines at the centre.

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25 thoughts on “China’s ‘biggest’ crane game centre gets customers digging out plush versions of online characters

  1. To all the people in the comments saying claw machines are a scam and you should just buy the prizes: you're not paying for the prize. You're paying to play a game. The prize is just a bonus.

  2. There needs to be an online site where you sell those authentic arcade plushies and can be shipped internationally.

  3. Does anyone know the location of any of these stores? I’m currently in Beijing and want to go with one of my friends there as she really likes the games but never gets any of them so I help her catch some, and apparently they’re slightly better than regular arcade claws (and besides, bigger plushes are usually easier to catch anyways from personal experience). Can’t find anything other than theheadquarters on maps (though that might be cause I don’t know what the store is called in Chinese so I can’t search them up!) thanks 🙂

  4. Most of the claw machines in my area have cheap, pretty low quality stuffed animals. Wish we had some of these cute ones tbh

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