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Welcome to Cable Car Transport – simulator games, this is the realistic simulator game which will simulate the job of a Cable car operator who has to transport passengers from one mountain to another. In Cable Car Transport – simulator games, tourists come from all over to the snowy mountain for a holiday and enjoy doing winter sports like skiing and snowboarding but in order to play these sports they need to be transported to the peak of the mountain so that they can go downhill and have a thrilling sports session. It is your job as a operator in this simulator game to transport the tourist safely to the top of the mountain.

As a operator you take a lot of precautions and be alert all the time. You have to make sure that all the passengers have entered inside and have been seated then you have make sure the doors have been properly shut. While driving the cable car you have to be really careful to not increase the speed above the specified limits and only drive when the weather is clear and there is no snowfall. You can also play music in this simulator game to calm down the tourists who are nervous or panicky due the high altitudes and maintain a calm and safe environment inside the cable car.

As there is cable transportation system in these simulator games there will be a lot of other trams using the system and hence you have to be careful to avoid any crashes and always follow the traffic rules. Cable Car Transport – simulator games is a really fun and exciting simulation of the transport system and will keep you glued to your mobile screen for a long time. This is a really calming game as it does not have any thrilling or challenging aspects, it is just a simple easy to play fun simulator game for peaceful and calm simulator games.

Game Features:
1) 3D Realistic Graphics.
2) Smooth and Easy Controls.
3) Soothing and Refreshing Music.
4) Beautiful and Engaging Levels.

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