C91 Xbox One Keyboard & Mouse Adapter Review!

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In this video we take a look at the C91 Keyboard & Mouse Adapter and see if its worth your time picking up an Xbox One Keyboard & Mouse Adapter. Controllers have always been the main input method for consoles but could a Console Keyboard and Mouse adapter be a better solution?

NOTE: This also works with Xbox 360 games via backwards compatibility! 😀

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Title: C91 Xbox One Keyboard & Mouse Adapter Review!

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37 thoughts on “C91 Xbox One Keyboard & Mouse Adapter Review!

  1. Ive been told using one of these you need a second controller to talk and hear game sound through a headset , is this true?

  2. I really need a response quickly. Can you use this on a laptop to get aim assist in keyboard and mouse and games like warzone or fortnite

  3. Question for Xbox do u need a certain cord to hook up the Xbox controller or does any android charger work

  4. Just wondering does anyone know if the mouse is smooth. For example with some softwares the faster you move the mouse the slower you move ingame, due to the fact its emulating a joystick. Does this product have the sams issue?

  5. Okay so I just ordered this on Amazon, it should come by Thursday but I have a question. How can I use my wired mic in game? I bought a sound card to plug into my ps4 but I'm worried it won't work.

  6. Hey! Great video! Just wondering I don't have a separate keyboard and mouse. I have a combo mouse and keyboard that connects to my ps4 with a bluetooth receiver. Could you recommend how I would go about using it?

  7. What is the mic and headphones situation? Can you still hear in game and talk with the controller plugged in?

  8. Do I have to connect my controller with it?? And also if I do connect it then how do I use my mic with it (xbox)

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